It Looks Like This Team is Getting Bigger in this ‘Titans’ Season 2 Trailer

This teams gains some members in this ‘Titans’ Season 2 Trailer

Teen Titans have been in comics for many years. It wasn’t until the Teen Titans animated show though that fans really got to know them. This show had some silly moments but plenty of serious ones too. There are also a few DC animated movies that show the darker side of these characters. Titans is probably the darkest iteration of these characters yet, and season 1 was a smash hit. Get your first look at season 2 in this action packed trailer.

There is much to see in this Titans season 2 trailer. It looks like some new members have joined this team, and are learning how to work together. This trailer begins by giving fans a quick recap of some of the big things that happened last season. You get a good look at Bruce Wayne, and they made a great casting choice having Iain Glen portray him. We also get a good look at Aqualad and Jericho. Fans will also notice something may have changed with Raven from last season. As this trailer comes to an end you get a great look at a well known villain too. If you liked Titans season 1 then you will want to check this trailer out.

Titans season 2 premiers on DC Universe September 6th. You can follow this show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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