“Elements Of Reggae” By Music Masquerade Showcases Reggae Music That Appeals to Mainstream

New York based, Jamaican born Producer, Musical Masquerade has released his long awaited debut album “Elements of Reggae”. The compilation is complete with 11 tracks featuring reggae and dancehall’s hottest artists including Mavado, Agent Sasco, Serani, Rayvon, Red Fox, Spice, Ding Dong, Kafinal and more. The album also features a special feature by legendary hip hop artist Jadakiss. “Elements of Reggae” presents a well rounded collection of tracks that can appeal to music lovers globally.

Lead singles include the pop and r&b infused “1234 girls” with versatile reggae artist Serani and “If You Love Reggae” by reggae veteran Red Fox and dancehall maven Agent Sasco. Videos for both singles will be released soon. 

With reggae music often being confined to a box, the producer wanted to create a project that merged all the various ‘elements’ of reggae, that have made the genre so appealing to a multitude of mainstream acts such as Drake, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and more. Many popular artists have released subdued versions of Caribbean music that rise up the Top 40 charts but the influences and inspiration behind them, often gets overlooked. Musical Masquerade noticed this trend early on and wanted to show the other end of the spectrum, by presenting reggae music that appeals to a wider and more versatile audience.

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