Waterfront Dining at Black Point Marina Ocean Grill

Neighboring the largest public marina in Miami, Black Point Marina Ocean Grill has been providing an unforgettable eating experience to its clientele since 2005. Besides its delicious food, cocktails, and amazing customer service, the most remarkable quality of this water-side grill is its phenomenal view of the dock and the bay.

Between the dock, boats, and buildings surrounding it, the grill may seem a bit hidden when you arrive. No worries, a colorful sign posted in the midst of the location will give you a sense of direction. Not only will it tell you how many feet away you are from the restaurant, but also how many miles you are from some of Miami’s most visited places! With its varied seating section, the restaurant is capable of satisfying everyone. From those who want to sit in a booth under a roof, to those who want to catch some sun in the outside pavilion next to the bay, and others who simply want to grab a drink at the bar.  

The ocean grill’s menu is filled with an immense variety and fun mix of foods. Between seafood, sandwiches, pasta, salads, and even the fish you catch yourself, choosing what to order is not an easy task. Among the most popular entrees is the Blackened Dolphin Avocado, a dish serving dolphin grilled to perfection, with a side of rice and beans, and a rich, creamy Cilantro Avocado sauce. Other frequently requested food selections include the Smoked Fish Dip and the Crunchy Grouper Sandwich. Although seafood is the highlight of the menu, there are plentiful alternatives for those who aren’t exactly seafood lovers, such as chicken, steak, and of course, vegetables. Not only are the dishes full of flavor, but they fulfill the needs of everyone’s appetite, whether they want to grab a quick bite or a hefty plate of food.

Black Point Marina’s Ocean Grill’s tiki bar offers both, typical cocktails and signature cocktails created by the grill’s bartenders. The most popular being the Voodoo drink, consisting of 4 different Bacardi flavors and fruit punch.

If you’re ever in the area, be sure to enjoy Black Point Marina Ocean Grill’s delicious food, refreshing drinks, and exceptional customer service as you watch the sun set by the bay.

Post Author: Karla Florez

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