Unique Cannabis Products for Valentine’s Day

Cannabis users will appreciate these stylish, top of the line vape pens and accessories that are available in most shops in states where THC is legal. The Canndescent Stylus and Orchid Essentials Vape Pens are two of the best on the market.

Canndescent is the first to invent a luxury line of cannabis products.  The stylus vape pen has a smooth, timeless design.  It has three heat settings and three magnetic rings to conveniently fit Canndescent or other cartridges.  A mouth piece keeps it clean and free of dust. It is rechargeable and comes with a micro USB charger.

Canndescent oils are made with the company’s unique extraction process that allows for the highest holistic effects without the burnt taste.   Plants are grown in Canndescent’s own farms to ensure the highest quality plants. The oils are made with no artificial additives, cutting ingredients or synthetic formulations.  The result is a rich oil that delivers a silky-smooth inhale.

Orchid Essentials has vape pens, concentrates and drinks. All products are locally sourced, and hand crafted to ensure the best quality.  The vape pens and oils are the top selling cannabis products in Oregon. They have recently entered the California market with rave reviews.

Caliva is the first brand to market its’ products to women.  They have produced oils and given them bad ass, feminine names; Eden’s Haze, Forbidden Rainbow, Paradise Purp, Mother of all Lemons and Strawberry Divine. Caliva is California’s best-selling brand and all their products are produced in-house to ensure the highest quality. Caliva is available for home delivery in California. 

MOOD33 is a THC containing drink that will put you in the mood for passionate romance.   MOOD 33 comes in sensuous flavors like sparkling green tea, passion-fruit and tart lime.  With only 33 calories per bottle, this is the best alternative to wine and champagne.

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