The Powerhouse Duo Emily and Elizabeth Hinkler

Emily Hinkler and Elizabeth Hinkler are powerhouse twins who are actors, producers and LGBTQIA advocates. They played conjoined twins on two episodes of ABC’s The Good Doctor. Emily recently played a boy (Lee) who is forced to attend gay conversion therapy in Boy Erased. Elizabeth will be on the big screen this spring in the movie Under the Silver Lake. They take on separate projects but do not feel in competition and instead share a strong bond.

They are currently starring in the YouTube Premium series Overthinking with Kat and June. The series chronicles the hopes, dreams and fears of Kat and June, whose thoughts are heard out loud.  Emily and Elizabeth play twin sisters Tessa and Molly, the best friends of Kat. Together the trio hatches plans that are bound to fail and cause hilarious misadventures.

In their spare time, the twins volunteer with foster youth and Trans Lifeline, an organization that works to meet the needs of the trans community and fight the epidemic of trans suicide.

{C}: I grew up an only child and am curious about what it is like to be twins?

Elizabeth:  Every twin relationship is different, just as all types of relationships are.  We do have a close bond, but wouldn’t necessarily credit that to being twins, because any pair of people can cultivate a deeper connection.

Emily:  We nurture our bond through respecting one another and taking time to support each other’s feelings, thoughts, values, and work, as well as giving the other space to grow individually.  It is amazing to feel so much support from each other in each of our pursuits, and we are incredibly grateful trusting that we will always have each other’s back, and will be the wind beneath the other’s wings.

{C}: I am sure that you support each other; but are there times when there is a healthy competition between the two of you?

Emily:  With both of us being actors, we understand that there can be inherent competition, but we choose to support one another.  We are each other’s biggest fans and encourage-rs.  When we audition against one another, it doesn’t feel competitive or like a direct comparison because we are both so different, and bring each of our unique intricacies to the audition.

Elizabeth:  If a director picks one of us over the other, we know it has nothing to do with us personally, and doesn’t mean that one of us is better than the other, but that the director clicked with one of our interpretations more.  When one of us gets a part, it is a win for our team.

{C}: What is the series Overthinking with Kat and June about?

Emily: Overthinking with Kat and June follows the story of an awkwardly blossoming relationship between two new roommates- one a complete anxious introvert, and the other, a bubbly, outrageous extrovert.  We play genderqueer intense thespians Molly and Tessa, the best friends of Kat, and are always scheming up excitingly brilliant, yet failure-prone plans.  We had a blast working on the show. The cast and crew bloomed into a close-knit family, and it was a joy to make people laugh!

{C}: I know you enjoyed doing an episode of The Good Doctor. Can you share a fond memory?

Emily:  We were recurring guest stars on two episodes of The Good Doctor playing conjoined twins, Jenny and Katie Kunkler.  Working on that show was absolutely amazing- it was like lightning in a bottle.  The story line was incredible and complex, and we really appreciated the opportunity to play.

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