Men: How to Score the BEST look at your Office Christmas Party!

Oh the dreaded office party for the holidays! The one time of the year where you want to be SURE that your outfit is right on target so that you’ll avoid being the talk at the water cooler. Men’s fashion is just as versatile as women, and the options are just as plentiful, use these hints when you are shopping for what to wear and you’ll be sure to be in season. Wear a slim-cut (get it tailored – it won’t cost much) midnight-blue suit in a light-swallowing flannel with a dark shirt and air tie plus a pair of chic mahogany loafers, to add a “party feel”. You won’t look out of place or like you’re trying too hard, but you’ll look better than everyone else (which is the most important thing). If you are attending an affair that is more dressy don’t be afraid to wear a suit but be sure to play with your fabric choices maybe adding velvet jacket or accessorizing with a name brand set of cuff links like Versace or even something of your own. The key is to try different looks then what you normally wear to the office, don’t be afraid to jazz it up! If the party happens to be at an after hour pub, you can opt for a blazer or a classic crew neck sweater. No need to go overboard but still make sure that you are looking neat. Partying at a low key establishment for lunch, why not wear a nice low-key tweed jacket over a granddad shirt and crew-neck jumper, or put on a thick cream roll neck and wear with some fluid wool trousers. Low-key is the key! No matter where your Christmas party location is at this year, wearing the right outfit or fabric will help you to out dress your coworkers and ensure you rock the night away in style!

Post Author: Kay Jones

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