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There are many women active today doing what they can to make a change in the world that we live in. Dr Thomisha Duru is one of those women and we recently sat down with her to find out the inner workings of her organization and exactly what it is that inspired her to do what she does!

Tell us  a little about yourself?

DrTD: My name is  Dr. Thomisha M. Duru aka “The Mental Mobility Guru”. I am an educator, philanthropist, author and entrepreneur who is passionate about eliminating the silent suffering of women in crisis (mentally immobile) through my organization TheWISEorg, which provides educational, resources and skill development to help them regain, rediscover and re-purpose their lives.  Mental mobility is her goal and promoting good mental health is her mission.

What made you start your company?

DrTD: After a series of tragic incidents that I experienced over three years, I went through a period of depression and having suicidal ideas. Thankfully, after working with a group of professionals as well as my Bishop I eventually learned how to reclaim my life—and now I relish every opportunity to help others do the same.

What inspires you the most about what you do? Seeing women become healed and whole- mentally mobile again!

DRTD: Seeing women become healed and whole- mentally mobile again!

Do you have any plans to expand your company?

DrTD:  Absolutely!  We like to serve more and more women; throughout the state of MD and eventually beyond.

What are signs that you would say are important to look for in a loved one possibly suffering from a mental issue?

DrTD: Hopelessness; anger; sadness, depression, negativity (speaking and doing) are a few. However, any major change in behavior or thoughts (that are negative) are a sign that a loved one could possibly be suffering with a mental health disorder.

What advice would you tell your younger self about the future and things that could possibly change it’s outcome?

DrTD: Be sure to take care of yourself first and foremost.  Create Balance. Each week should include something you do for yourself as well as something you highly enjoy. It’s super important to stay active: taking walks or visiting the gym at least 3-4 days a week will help you to maintain mental mobility.  The aforementioned is a small start- as you master the small things- scaling upward is next.

What ways can women celebrate themselves daily?

DrTD: Take at least 1 hour out of the day to do absolutely nothing.  Relax. Do whatever it is you desire but only if it’s for you.

How can others help you in reaching those in need?

DrTD: Funding is the foundation of our programs and services as it allows us to service women and cover costs for our facilitators, etc.

What tools are needed for one to become successful and live a healthier lifestyle?

DrTD: Having the ability to “stand-in-your-truth” is paramount.  Being able to say “I’m NOT ok” is extremely important. Not being afraid to ask for help. All for which are tools needed for one to become successful and live a healthier lifestyle.

How can family members of someone with a mental issue seek support and help?

DrTD: Family members can support someone with a mental issue by getting that person out of the house and office the coach- putting them around others with positive energy as well as giving that person access to mental health professionals that specialize in their particular disorder.  To not judge or condemn them for their feelings and/or circumstances. By putting them in touch with organizations like TheWISEorg that has a tri-level mental healing approach: Mental Healthcare; Sister-circle socials; and Community Service Projects all of which are positive and supportive to the person’s overall mental health. Our clients have mild to moderate non-clinical mental disorder(s).

Well there you have it, from the woman herself who went from creating the vision to making it work with clients. Dr. Duru is setting herself apart in a world that is turning a blind eye to a lot of the situations and issues that she deals with daily. For more information about how you can help her organization visit or by phone at (301) 678-3192

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