FALL for these Fall Fashion Looks!

The fall season is finally here and these fashion trends will keep you warm and fashionably on point! The ten looks that are making a splash this year are sure to allow you to stay warm as well as well within your budget. The first look is plaid, and although not a stranger to many closets, this year you will find the pattern in rainbow prints and really showing vibrant arrays of color. The next look is oversized outerwear and this includes jackets, minks, coats, and also scarves. You will see these items being worn in a more slouchy fashion than last year, and reminiscent of the looks of the 80’s. Animal prints are here with a vengeance never seen and will be paired with everything from long sweaters, to bags and even footwear. Nothing is off limits as the season changes, and these animalistic combinations come forth and unleash fashion forwardness at every turn! Fans of the “artsy crafty” look get the chance to strut their stuff, as crochet is here and ready to be worn in a skirt or pant set allowing you to play with your Bohemian side. Floral prints, although not usually known to be worn in the fall are effectively paired for day or evening looks. If by chance you missed that all-white party over the Summer then have no fear because wearing all WHITE is all the rage and taking over all the runways this Fall. See through items have probably never had it so good, as designers are seen making see through items this season like purses, straps on clothing, and even ladies shoes. The 80’s itself has made it’s full debut, back into fashion that is! The look of yesteryear may spark “Heathers” nostalgia as strong shoulders are now back in style. Ladies have a love/hate relationship with their high heels, and designers everywhere have taken notice. The heels of this season’s shoes show artistic expression and offer the wearer the feel of having “artwork” at their feet, with the newest designs being structured more than ever before. Color trends that are on point are head to toe red, any shade of brown, and anything in metallic. Don’t miss these must have looks as they are sure to be seen on every scene!

Post Author: Kay Jones

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