Fall Makeup Trends and Tips You’ve Got to Try!

As we say goodbye to those long, hot days of summer we welcome the cooler weather and with that comes the coolest makeup tips and trends. Colored eyeliner worn in a bold color like purple or green, sets the scene and can be worn with a color that matches your normal palette. Winged eye shadow is making its mark as the look can be achieved by using tape to keep the eye shadow from falling on your face and also to maintain a straight line. Try using bright red for an intense look or use a color of your choice. Glitter cut crease is an easy but dazzling look to try out. Use any color glitter in the crease of your eyes, then finish with black eyeliner as you normally would. Brown lips are here and any and every shade will do! Just play around with your palette alternating warm and cool tones to see which you prefer. If you thought the end of Summer meant the end of bronzer, have no fear. Using bronzer instead of blush is a technique for fall and also goes well with your warm fall fashions. Metallic lids add a little sparkle to any look and make your eyes look more awake, an added bonus! Stick to wearing pale lips so as not to overdo it and assure that your eyes get as much “play” as possible. A berry lip is one way to give yourself a sultry look. Dab on a little concealer to give the color something to stick to, then line your lips with a dark berry liner and fill it in with matching lipstick. Be sure to use a lip brush for precision and make the rest of your makeup minimal or light. Bright eyes are shining just as bright as Christmas lights using little to no effort. Just swipe a super saturated shade in a hot color like aqua, lime, or magenta across your lids and finish with lip gloss for a fun look! With an au naturel face, bright eyes really pop to give you “major” face. Flushed cheeks that appear dewy are a good trend to try for your next party. Dab pink toned highlighter onto your cheekbones. Define cheekbones even more with a bright cream blush under the apples. Pat the blush into your cheeks for a pretty, natural, flushed look. If you major brows are being seen and act like a bold frame to your face. Try pumping yours up with some makeup or try using eyebrow wax or mousse that matches your hair color and blend. Fill in the sparse areas with a pencil by using quick, short strokes to mimic your own hair. Comb through brows to blend the color as well as soften any lines that you may have. With these ten tips and tricks you can enter the season in good spirits and have a gorgeous face to match.

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