Black In Business: Learn More About Why Ghana is Africa’s True Investment Gem

Sisters Anna and Victoria Agyekum are the co-founders of On Point Property Management Ltd, a 360 company which combines, management and lettings, bespoke personalized tours to Ghana and a property and lifestyle expo, which takes place annually in London, England and Atlanta, Georgia USA respectively.

Born in London to Ghanaian parents, both sisters have over 28 years of property management experience between them. Embracing core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, Anna and Victoria’s desires for putting Ghana, Africa on the map are unparalleled.

Here we learn more about the sisters, the beautiful country of Ghana Africa, their plans for the expo, and why we should be investing back into the motherland.


{C}: How did you come into business together? We both have a strong passion for Property?

AV: Ghana and people.  This has been a personal goal for both of us to set up our own company and make a real difference in Property industry. It was an organic decision to make it happen in 2015, we both instinctively felt the time was right to form our company.

{C}: Which female in business inspires you? 

AV: Firstly, our mother was the first woman that we knew to inspire us! Our mother taught us to be the women that we are today, with the skills of being patient and showing gratitude to all our experiences in life, is priceless She also purchased land back in Ghana and built multiple residential homes. Opera Winfrey would be the ultimate female in business to inspire us, as growing up she was the main black women that was a house hold name to us. Opera is a testimony of graphing and focusing on her goals and trusting her instinct during times when major obstacles have been thrown at her.

{C}: What is your working background? 

AV: We have worked in property industry with a combined experience of 28 years, (Anna 18 years/Victoria 10 years) this has given us an in depth understanding of different aspects such as management, sales, development, travel trends, and services required in the industry. We both are professional landlords in the UK (residential properties) and have also invested in Ghana real estate including development which complements our professional experience Victoria also has a degree in travel and Tourism and has worked in travel industry special sing in travel to Ghana and West Africa

{C}: What makes Ghana special?

AV: Ghana is our DNA, its home and our culture. It’s a country rich with history and natural minerals and resources. Ghana has one of the fastest growing economies globally according to the World Bank and the IMF (international monetary fund).  Ghana`s economy is set to remain steady and has projected growth in 2018. This is due to our vast natural resources and the booming Tech and Real Estate industries. Ghana has be dumped the gateway to Africa which is attracting more investment from global companies due to our stable democratic government. There are opportunities in many industries, which give entrepreneurs a starting ground to kick-start, their dream business.

{C}: Why should we be paying attention to Ghana NOW and not before? 

AV: Ghana has remained a country, which has democracy and stability. There are many projects initiated by the government to welcome business. Africa is the final frontier and many industries have not matured as yet.  Therefore this presents entrepreneurs a starting ground to kick start their dream business.

{C}: How can we learn more about investment opportunities overseas?

AV: My advice is to always visit the country, which you intend to invest several times during different seasons of the year. This will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the country, culture, people and most importantly the sector you have chosen to invest in. Research, research and research consider whether it is a sound investment, the current trends in the country, the stability of the country. Finally it is going to be financially beneficial to you in the short or long-term future.

{C}: What has been your biggest investment?

AV: Our property portfolio.  We have been investing in buy to let properties in South West London over the past 17 years.

{C}: What is a smart investment?

AV: I would consider investing in property as a smart investment. .  Investing can be risky however done correctly will guarantee you great ROI (return on investment) and build wealth over a period of time.   Start small within your means and scale up when financially viable.

{C}: As women in business, what challenges do you/have you faced?

AV: We work in a male dominated industry; therefore being young women we have incurred the occasional sexism and ageism over the years.  This has been particularly challenging in both UK and Ghana.  However this makes us more determined to succeed and break the stereotype barriers.

{C}: What advice would you give to upcoming female entrepreneurs wanting to make a name for themselves in their respective fields?

AV: Do not sell yourself short; remain focused on your dreams and business idea. There will be advice given to you and many directions, which may be enticing for your new business.  Remain poised, as there are no short cuts in business.

{C}: How can we learn more about you?

AV: You can visit us at our annual Ghana Property & Lifestyle Expo in the London UK & Atlanta (USA). We are also on all social media handles  (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter), and our websites, which keeps you up to date with our movements past and present


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