Indie Artist KiWi

Up and coming artist KiWi that brings a different taste to the independent music industry in Atlanta. KiWi added her own musical style to a concert with Big Boi in Florida recently. “My friend C Wind introduced me to this opportunity. I was going to Florida coming from Atlanta. I was able to meet a lot of other artists. The local artists were really cool as well.” The crowd was receptive to Kiwi’s singing style. This crowd was a mixture of all races, disciplines, and genders.

The event took place on the beach. The excessive hot weather did not stop her from being the musical talent she has been. “A lot of people were coming up to me. People were coming up to me from Texas. They appreciated how they could relate to my songs. People were dancing in the front row. This amazing performance allowed her to continue her music path. She is now in the process of making three new singles. The songs are “Wishin,” “Gravity,” “Freq,” “This is a high rise song similar to the rest of my music. Most of my music is like this.” “Gravity” has been available online for almost over a year. She is still adding unique tunes to the song. Kiwi does not stop with what comes her way.

KiWi hopes to have a sustainable foot in the door surrounding the music industry. She is edges away from fulfilling her dream. KiWi has been writing music since the age of five. KiWi’s talent has never left her soul or heart. Through the years she has taken what was thought at a young age and has built onto it. This incredible building on the music has let her reach different notes than expected. “It is more about putting a message out. Music is supposed to be expressive and true. There is a lot of valuable music out. A lot of artists talk about love. This could be my style, but I like to talk about different things. My main thing as an artist is to have fun. I sing Trap, EDM, R&B, and other genres. I want to inspire people through my music.”

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