David Reed Discusses the Art of Bartending

David Reed is one of the owners of Establishment located on Peachtree Street in Atlanta. This restaurant is right in the heart of Midtown. Reed has been bartending since the age of 18. “I went to bartending school while a college freshman in Massachusetts. I bartended my way through school. I have worked in advertising and as a head coach. No matter what bartending was what I did on the weekends. I enjoy being behind the bar. You are at the center of attention, you experience fun, and you get to meet a lot of people. It feels like I am going out but not spending money. This is how it felt when I was younger. I also love the creativity.”

As a young future entrepreneur, Reed had his heart set on a back plan. “If I ever lost my job, then bartending was something to fall back on. I would not have to collect unemployment. You can make pretty good money bartending. It was also a passionate and creative outlet. In the back of my head, I thought about the economy changing.” Additionally, as a bartender, there is a bit of storytelling that goes with the job. “Behind the bar you see a lot of the bar life unfold. There has been a lot of bar fights and there are bad stories. You see the craziness that comes from people drinking. You see people trying to hook up with others. There are always people watching and observing. Bartenders see everything plus 100 times. My favorite is watching guys trying to meet girls. I can see them plotting and throwing their game on them.”

Reed puts a sophisticated feel to his drinks. “The ingredients here are not cheap and the drinks are high quality. People understand the importance of the brand.” One of Establishment’s owners knows how to set himself aside from the rest of the entrepreneurs in Atlanta. His establishment was located in Buckhead Village. The new location brings a different crowd of clientele and has become more of a business meeting place. This upscale lounge and cocktail bar is the place to be on weekends. Periodically, Establishment has local bands and young talent display their skills to the customers. This restaurant moved into an area that surrounds renovation and will bring in an even bigger crowd in the nearby future.


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