Kyle Knight Debuts The Truth EP

Kyle Knight is an up and coming lyricist and rapper hailing from New York. He first gained his skills while being at this father’s home studio. Knight’s father has worked with rap icon Chuck D from Public Enemy. The New York native’s singing versatility ranges from influences from Michael Jackson to Tupac. You can feel the depth of every word rapped in his songs. He provides lyrics to help uplift the world and marginalized people.

Knight’s debut album “The Truth” features topics of domestic violence, opioid crisis, female empowerment, and more. His breakout single, “Hey Sister,” deals with uplifting the female community. “I have seen women go through so many challenges in my personal life such as in my family. I do not put out a song until it is tight. This song talks about prostitution, bad marriages, and domestic violence. This song also impacts men across the world. The song’s video took less than six months to make. We came up with a storyboard for the lyrical concept.”

Aside from speaking the truth about females in this world, he takes on a very controversial topic about opioids in his song “Addiction.” Knight says, “This song is filled with short stories of people dying of drug overdoses. I wanted to work with these overdose stories. These are real stories. This can happen to everyone and people should stay away from this.”

Knight’s song “The Truth” handles delicate information about the state of America. “This one is my favorite. This song deals with social issues. No one wants to hear about the social issues. I wanted to make it as hip-hop and relevant as possible. It is a political awareness song and to get people aware of what is going on. My truth is built in this song such as government corruption, police brutality, and a brainwashed planet that is running rampant.”

The amazing lyrical storyteller has caught the attention of people all around the world in places such as Africa, India, and Columbia, and more. Knight puts a type of energy into his music that is not seen by a lot of other artists. The New York rapper works hard to encourage communities under all umbrellas. Check out his debut EP “The Truth” on Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and others.

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