Arrad Rahgoshay

Arrad Rahgoshay is a music director for Riveting Entertainment. He has worked to direct music films for a lot of artists in the industry. The brilliant mastermind recently directed the music video for the song Dirty Dancing with singers Ne-Yo and Eric Bellinger. This video is unlike any other music video. The video opens in the setting of a film. Ne-Yo and Bellinger are hot boxing cannabis in the car at the beginning of the music film.

Rahgoshay admits this creative idea has been sat on for six to eight months. “It has been awhile. We have been sitting on it. We have been bouncing around ideas at first. I have seen videos where they do a lot of funny workout scenes. It was a done in a different way. From experience in the past, I had really funny and weird PE teachers. They would make us do ridiculous things. I remember one time we did this Tae Bo thing. Everybody in the class questioned what was going on.” This less than 30-year-old music director was not the only one who pitched in ideas for the film. The staff allowed there to be a creative side to every angle. “Eric pitched in the hot boxing idea. It was a round table discussion. Everyone just bouncing around ideas,” says Rahgoshay.

This music film was remembering for Rahgoshay. This workout them reminded him of the moments in this middle school gym class. This past memory led the Riveting team to shoot this video in just one day. “A lot of it was improved and workouts. It was shot in downtown California. This video goes into the category with a lot of other music video productions. His next music production will be even more creative. “It all depends on the vibe you are in. I really believe that different songs bring out various parts of me. Whenever an artist gives me full creativity flexibility, I channel it in a part of my brain and a part of my experience. Kind of like this video. I channeled moments from school and when I was in the gym. “This video was almost the initial vision we had. We were inspired by Richard Simmons.”

Rahgoshay is currently working on new and various music films. He dares to be different and consistently creative with these ideas. The Riveting Entertainment music director enjoys implementing film attitudes with music. His videos are more unique than generic music videos since other places

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