Angela Josephine New Indie-Folk Album Out May 4th

Daylight, the long-awaited, full-length album from indie-folk artist Angela Josephine, is scheduled for release on May 4, 2018. This project is at once a folk-rock opera and personal exploration; the listener is drawn into the narrative of a woman caught in the dark night and her revelatory journey toward soul.

Recorded in Detroit and Ann Arbor, MI with producer Chris Bathgate, Daylight expands the sonic palette of

John Mark Hanson

Josephine’s work as well as showcasing her on a variety of instruments (guitar, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, piano, Wurlitzer, organ, synth). From the cinematic prelude that is “This Light” (also the first single) to the haunting finale “Face to the Wind,” an expansive landscape of wilderness unfolds with unexpected beauty and lush discovery. Seven years ago, Josephine first began the demos for this album after a season of care-giving and subsequent loss. She gravitated to her origins – the rugged landscape of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and her childhood hometown of Munising. She loaded her SUV and followed the pull north. 

“There has been a kind of poetry in this journey,” Josephine says. “I recorded the line in a demo, ‘Seven years ago I saw the moon drop to the earth and in the darkness I saw pieces of the sky,’ in my mom’s pole barn literally seven years ago. Here I am today, and this lyric is underscored by the recent passing of my mother and the realization of a full-length album. Working again with Chris Bathgate (producer) allowed me to plumb the depths of my creativity and explore soundscapes that I’ve been drawn to.”

“This Light” sets the stage for the narrative that plays throughout the album—self-exploration. “Every song furthers the arc of the woman in the story,” Josephine explains. Digging at the gritty soil with “Got to Believe” reveals a more inclusive world and will have one brushing off the vestiges of tired beliefs. Bathgate contributes vocals for the sultry, powerhouse of a song called “Go Easy,” which leaves one wondering if it is a break-up song or a song about identity.

“Daylight” is the most Americana folk song of the album. “We had the best time recording this!” she recalls. “We grabbed all these quirky instruments and just started to make noise. I stumbled upon the sweet little melody with bells that you’ll hear in the chorus, and I will give a free album to the first person who can correctly identify what Chris is doing for the percussion throughout the song.”

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