African Ivy League Derma’s launches brand SkynergyMD

Born in Liberia, Dr. Neh Onumah is one third of the founding members of new skincare line Skynergy MD. Upon completing her university and medical school studies at Temple University and Temple University Medical School, she completed two dermatology research fellowships in basic science and clinical research at The University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University Medical Center/New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Department of Dermatology respectively.

Alongside her Ivy League educated partners, Dr. Oge Onwudiwe and Dr. Yvette Appiah, they officially launched SkynergyMD in December 2017 and opened their first SkynergyMD store for business in Cantonments, Accra, Ghana in February 2018. With later plans to launch in the west, learn more about this exciting new brand in her words below

{C}: What is Skynergy MD?

SkynergyMD is a revolutionary skin care line born out of a compelling fascination with beautiful healthy skin and an insatiable love for the African continent and its people. This customized luxurious skin care line was developed out of the desire of three board certified African dermatologists wanting to share their knowledge and expertise with men and women on the African continent. The SkynergyMD skincare line is unprecedented in its embodiment of organic, naturally sourced plants, fruits and vegetables extracted from the rich African soil and delivered to the skin in their highest purity and concentration. Hence, our products can be used by everyone, regardless of their skin type or ethnicity.

{C}: Who is behind it?

Dr. Appiah and I met at The University of Pennsylvania, Department of Dermatology, where she was in training as dermatology resident and I was pursuing a basic science and clinical research fellowship, in the same department. We realized that we had much in common in terms of our work ethic, moral compass, and of course, our intense passion for the skin. We quickly became steadfast friends and entertained the possibility of working together in the future. However, in hindsight, we had never discussed starting a skin care line.

Dr. Onwudiwe joined Dr. Appiah in her private practice, All Phases Dermatology, seven years ago. Dr. Onwudiwe and I met through Dr. Appiah shortly thereafter.

{C}: How did SkynergyMD come about?

On a fortuitous day during lunch, Drs. Appiah and Onwudiwe had a discussion about the dearth of skin care products available to men and women on the continent of Africa. This conversation sparked interest in exploring development of a skin care line targeting this population. Dr. Appiah contacted me regarding the idea, we all met and the rest is history. We’ve worked tirelessly for the last 4 years to deliver a comprehensive skin care line never seen before in Africa.

{C}: What are your plans for the brand?

Our retail center and website will provide education on skin health throughout the stages of life and the unique challenges of skin of color for men and women. Only then will we be able to properly recommend the products that will address these challenges.   We also understand that external youth and radiant skin is correlated to our inner health and we want to provide access to relevant information and best practices.   We are leveraging technology in our distribution approach to provide convenient access to our products.

{C}: Tell us a little bit more about its founders and their backgrounds

Dr. Appiah was born in Ghana. She completed her medical school career at the esteemed University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. Thereafter, she joined the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, Department of Dermatology, where she successfully completed her dermatology residency. Dr. Appiah is founder and COO of All Phases Dermatology in Alexandria, VA.

Dr. Onwudiwe was born in Nigeria, where she spent her formative years.  She completed her medical school education at Howard University and her dermatology residency at the highly lauded Howard University Department of Dermatology. This was followed by her acceptance into the competitive procedural and laser medicine fellowship at Harvard University, Wellman Laboratories of Photo medicine. Dr. Onwudiwe is in private practice at All Phases Dermatology, in Alexandria, VA

{C}: What products are available?

The SkynergyMD line consists of multiple cleansers primers, treatment serums and moisturizers.  We are excited about our pigmentation line and anti-aging line, to be introduced in summer 2018.

Our cleansers are extremely hydrating with the ability to gently exfoliate, lift and remove dead skin cells, dirt, and debris, ultimately brightening and renewing the skin. They are filled with humectants, which maintain the skin’s natural oils without being harsh or abrasive. For example, our Fraiche Mattifying cleanser for men contains Mangosteen, a healing fruit with antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, alphahydroxy acids such as glycolic acid  to exfoliate and unclog the pores  and soothing hibiscus flower, also possessing antioxidant benefits.

Our primers  seek to restore the skin to a normal pH balance, clarify, correct, and remove  the burden of environmental toxins, which impede normal skin function. We recommend using our primer after cleansing.

Our treatment serums are loaded with potent plant and fruit extracts in concentrations effective in reaching deeper skin structures to visibly reverse the signs of aging while simultaneously moisturizing, rejuvenating and restoring the skin to optimal health.  We are excited about our serum delivery systems as they allow rapid delivery of key ingredients to critical skin areas before they are consumed by enzymes that promote aging in the skin.

I love our Optima Overnight Youth Recovery Concentrate. It is rich in griffonia and argireline, which literally go to work to stop the depletion of collagen and elastin, both of which are needed for a youthful appearance.

Our moisturizers return the skin to a state of perfect hydration supporting the skin’s function as a barrier to water loss. Our moisturizers are packed with active ingredients, which prevent discoloration and uneven complexion and signs of aging.  All of our moisturizers contain zinc oxide to block damaging UV rays from entering the skin and then furthering the aging process.

{C}: Does it include makeup?

Presently, we do not have a makeup line. However, this is an area of great potential and interest for us as makeup brands  targeting skin of color are still very limited in the color palette they provide.

{C}: Where are your products available to purchase?

Our products can be immediately purchased in our SkynergyMD store in Cantonments, Accra, Ghana. In addition, the great news is that our clients will be able to purchase our products very soon via our website: www.

{C}: Will you be seeking Ambassadorship from any notable celebrities or personalities?

We did some with Nollywood actress Rita Dominic and Pan African media personality Anita Erskine through Making of a Mogul TV series, which covers powerful African female entrepreneurs. So yes, down the line we may branch into celebrity endorsements that share our brand values. I’d say watch this space.
{C}: Will you be taking part in any trade shows for instance the Bronner Bros in Atlanta, GA?

We are planning to participate in trade shows first in Africa then bring it “home ” to the states. I know the Bronner Bros Hair Show is a big one for the states.

{C}: What makes SkynergyMD a brand to watch out for, for African skin? 

Dr. Appiah, Dr.  Onwudiwe, and I believe that healthy skin is an attribute, a characteristic that we each possess, given from above when we each were wonderfully and perfectly made. We are each beautiful in our own unique way.

It is natural for our beauty to mature as we grow…it is not natural for our beauty to be fleeting – when you see this happening it is of our own doing. Our skin must be cared for…nurtured from the inside and outside – this includes our physical and mental health.

With this in mind, the products of SkynergyMD that we have developed were formulated to provide solutions specifically for the women and men of Africa for nurturing our skin – resolving stubborn issues, minimizing the effects of aging, and protecting our skin.

When you see a beautiful person they are glowing from head to toe and walking with the confidence.  Our formulations have been developed to heal, protect, and deliver that healthy glow while doing no harm.

{C}: Why is it needed?

Our products are recommended for men and women of all ages, starting from teenage years. We have specially formulated a men’s line to address some of the problems that need to be corrected i.e., razor bumps and cuts sustained from shaving. Our acne line rapidly arrests the inflammation and lesions that lead to unwanted discoloration and scarring.  Our anti-aging line boasts powerful ingredients that reverse the signs of aging by binding to and removing free radicals, known to be major players in skin aging. Our anti-aging products also support collagen and elastin production resulting in healthy, vibrant, supple and youthful skin.

Learn more about SkynergyMD via the website here:

About Dr. Onumah
Dr. Onumah was born in Liberia to a Liberian mother and Ghanaian father. Upon completing her university and medical school studies at Temple University and Temple University Medical School, She completed two dermatology research fellowships, in basic science and clinical research, at The University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Department of Dermatology respectively. She then pursued her dermatology residency at the world renowned McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, QC Canada. Dr. Onumah is a prolific writer and has published extensively in dermatology peer reviewed journals and textbooks. She is the founder and COO of Skin of all Color Dermatology in Princeton, NJ.


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