Women’s Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

The Spring/Summer of 2018 will be another season full of exciting, eye-catching trends. Many of these styles are becoming bolder and grabbing the attention of many people across the world. Only just a few days ago, “Ultra Violet” was announced the new color of the year for 2018. “Ultra Violet” is a deep shade of purple with blue hues. The color was chosen as our new color of the year because it represents more innovation and creativity, which is the predicted direction that our world will be transitioning into in 2018. Many people all over the world will wear bright and feminine colors such as yellow and soft shades of pinks. However, lavender was the most popular color worn within many collections on the runway for Spring/Summer 2018.

Puffy sleeves are one of the newest, most appealing trends currently. There are many different variations of this fashion silhouette. If the sleeves puff at the top of the shoulders, this will give an illusion of a smaller waist. This trend looks lovely when the sleeves fit tugged with the puffed sleeve details near the wrists. Puffy sleeves also look great when attached to a crop top while being worn with a high waist pencil skirt. Don’t forget to choose puffy sleeves that are bright colors or have beautiful, colorful prints!

From sheer fabrics to clear vinyl, transparency will transition into being one of the most significant styles of 2018. Vinyl will be used to make a fashion statement instead of just being used to repel rain! We’re excited to see how designers will incorporate these see-through fabrics into more complex designs. The transparency trend gives designers the opportunity to show beautiful visuals under a sheer or complex transparent silhouette. The disco trend is also a trend that will be a favored style in 2018. From silver booties to shimmery dresses, this style has been shining all over the runways consistently. From Alexander McQueen’s new costume jewelry to the oversized earrings worn by Beyoncé during her Thanksgiving. Supersized stud earrings will be one of the leading fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2018 as well.

Embellishments will be seen very frequently in 2018. This trend is exciting because it gives designers the opportunity to create countless, unique styles! Some of the embellishments forecasted for 2018 are common such as beads, pearls, embroidery, lace, appliques, and jewels. However, this trend is becoming even more exciting because we are beginning to see other embellishment ideas implemented into fashion garments such as detachable flowers, studs, gems, and weaved decorations. Many of these stylish details will be shimmering and will shine within clothes, accessories, and shoes for the Spring/Summer of 2018!

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