Top Ten Worst Movies of 2017

This Writer’s List of the Worst Films to Come out in 2017

There were a lot of movies that came out this year. Some were quite good, others were alright, and then still others were just a mess. This writer was lucky to see a ton of films in 2017, including many that hoped to be big hits. For one reason or another this just didn’t end up happening for them. Here is this writer’s top ten worst movies of 2017.

1. Tranformers: The last Knight

The first Transformers movie was really good. Over the years, the franchise has been hit or miss. When the newest film came out this summer, many people thought it was going to be amazing. This writer had doubts from the start, but it was shocking how bad it truly was. There was not one good thing about it. The characters were weak, the plot was an absolute mess, and it wasn’t that easy to follow.

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2. Sleepless

This movie had a good cast, and looked like it hoped to tell a pretty good story. Sadly, it was long, boring and overall not that great. The characters were dull, and the plot didn’t always make sense. The film was also much longer than it needed to be. Probably one of the worst Jamie Foxx films this writer has ever seen.

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3. Sense of an Ending

This was a movie that jumped many times from the past to the present, all in the pursuit of answering a mystery from decades ago. Yet no matter how it tried, this became confusing very fast. Once everything came to light, it was anti-climatic and a let down. Another film based on a book where clearly the book is better.

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4. Ghost in the Shell

This film had a number of things wrong with it. Not only did they take an Asian character and make them white, but it was very long and quite slow. The special effects were good, but that was about one of the only nice things this writer could say about it. There was a scene that explained why the main character was white, but this only hurt the film in fans eyes. The action was ridiculous and slow motion was used much more than it needed to be.

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5. The Snowman

This was another movie based on a book that Universal hoped would be a big hit. Yet instead it was just awful. The story was slow, the film starts on a strange note, and the characters were terrible. Val Kilmer gives one of his worst performances in years. The story took a long time to get to its conclusion, and delivers a weak ending.

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6. Amityville: The Awakening

If you never heard of this film, don’t be too surprised. It got pushed back many times over the years, and when it was finally released it only came out in 10 theaters across the country. It was a shame because it had an amazing cast, yet there was nothing they could do to save this film. The film was painfully predictable, and honestly was one of the worst horror films this writer saw this year.

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7. Baywatch

There was a lot wrong with this movie. They took a show that was a drama, and tried to turn it into a comedy. None of the jokes were funny, and many of them just dragged this film down. Zac Efron tries to play a straight edged character while Dwayne Johnson takes on the zany character, and this was clearly a mistake. Neither one is a good fit playing that kind of character. The plot was also rather weak, and used too many dirty jokes to try to bring laughs. One of the worst comedies to come out this year.

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8. Father Figures

This comedy has a amazing cast, and this movie proves that doesn’t make for a good movie. The plot is messy, and the journey is takes viewers on is completely unnecessary. It is another comedy that tries way too hard to get laughs, and when it tries to get serious it just came off as forced. The ending was okay, but not great either. Another poorly made comedy that this writer just didn’t find the least bit funny.

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9. American Assassin

This movie was just terrible. It attempted to tell a different story, but was doomed almost from the start. The plot is weak, messy and at times makes no sense. The action is too over the top, and takes audiences on a pretty weird journey. Micheal Keaton does the best he can in this one, but not even can do much to help it. Truly one of the more bizarre action films this writer saw this year.

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10. Friend Request

This was a horror film that had a clever concept behind it. Too bad it couldn’t tell a strong story. The main character Laura is hard to feel much sympathy for, and Marina is just weird. The plot has plenty of weak moments, and it was quite predictable and not scary at all. The ending was a bit of a shock, but not strong enough to warrant seeing this movie more than once. This was definitely the most disappointing horror movie this writer saw this year.

Remember, this is only my opinion of the worst films of 2017. Perhaps you disagree with some of my choices, and that is okay. Maybe you even liked a number of these movies. This writer thought long and hard about this list, and these were the ones that made the most sense to be on it. Have a wonderful rest of the year, and hopefully next year will bring some better movies.

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