The Glam Skanks and Adam Ant at The National

Glam Skanks, Veronica Volume and Millie, web, pc Suzanne Allison PhotographyThe Glam Skanks and Adam Ant put on a spectacular show at The National in Richmond, VA. The theater was filled to capacity as women of all ages came decked out in Adam Ant finery including the usual t-shirts but also the iconic white smears across the face.  Many people didn’t know who the Glam  Skanks were, but they were soon to have their minds blown.

The Glam Skanks started the show with their anthem G.L.A.M.  They were decked out in glam skank finery—torn hose, skirts that were just a little too short and white psychedelic shoes. The men (and a few women) made their way to the front of the stage with phones in hand, hoping to get a great photo or touch the sensual singer Ali Cat.

The girls love to put on a show and they have the musical talent to pull it off. Ali Cat may be sexy but she can belt out a song with the best of them (check out their cover of Jefferson Starship’s “Somebody to Love.”) She puts Mick Jagger to shame when it comes to strutting across a stage.

The rest of the band, Veronica (guitar), Cassie (drums) and Millie (bass) can hold their own  alongside the best and have opened for Alice Cooper, The Hollywood Vampires and played alongside Aerosmith’s Joe Perry.  Adam Ant was so impressed with them when they opened for his European tour—that he invited them  to open for his US tour.

Adam Ant came onstage decked out in black leather.  The ladies were happy, he’s still got it!. The crowd went wild—he  still has his iconic Adam Ant, ANTHEMS USA 6, web, pc Michael Sandersonmoves and his voice was superb.

When the band started playing, it became apparent that Ant’s music is more fun live than on video. (Which is a great feat considering how addictive his music is). Drummers Andy Woodard and Jola were fascinating in the way they kept a tight beat together—neither missing their mark.

The rest of the band (Will Crewdson on lead guitar; A.P. Leach, Rhythm guitar and Joe Holweger on bass) were flawless.

No one could sit or stand still. All feel under Adam Ant’s spell. It was all over too soon. Adam Ant definitely left them wanting more.



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