Join the Uprising in ‘Sonic Forces’

Sonic faces a dangerous new foe in ‘Sonic Forces’

Sonic the Hedgehog has been in a lot of games over the years. Some time ago he made the jump to Nintendo, and it has taken him on many new, exciting adventures. At E3 there an announcement of a new game coming soon called Sonic Forces. This writer was able to play a demo and here is what he thought of it.

sonic forces, video game, action, sequel, demo, coming soon, nintendo switch, sega
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You can read the plot for Sonic Forces here:

From the team that brought you Sonic Colors and Generations, comes the next exciting title in the Sonic franchise, Sonic Forces. Experience fast-paced action as Modern Sonic, thrilling platforming as Classic Sonic, and utilize powerful new gadgets as your own custom Hero Character. Help Sonic fight back to reclaim the world from Dr. Eggman and a powerful, mysterious new villain.

sonic forces, video game.action, sequel, coming soon, demo, nintendo switch, sega
(c) Sega

Sonic Forces could be a pretty good game. The demo at E3 allowed players to try each of the three new game modes, and they were a ton of fun. Classic mode took players to a pretty impressive boss fight, while the other two modes took them to a three dimensional environment where they got to fight enemies, collect a lot of rings and get a good feel for this new game. If you want to learn more about Sonic Forces click on this website.

sonic forces, video game, sequel, action, coming soon, demo, nintendo switch, sega
(c) Sega

Sonic Forces is coming to the Nintendo Switch Holiday 2017. You can follow this game on Facebook and Twitter.


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