Take a Blast to the Past in this ‘Young Sheldon’ First Look Trailer

‘Young Sheldon’ Will show the early years of this quirky character

The Big Bang Theory is a very popular show. It has been around for years and fans of all ages sit down each week to tune in. There are a lot of interesting characters on this show, and one of the big ones is Sheldon Cooper. Through the run of this show he has changed a lot over the years, but little is know about his early days of life. It looks like in the Fall this is going to change. CBS is doing a spin off of this show called Young Sheldon. The first look trailer has been released online and here is what it tells us about this show.

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You can read the plot for Young Sheldon here:

It’s 1989, and we meet nine-year-old Sheldon Cooper, the beloved character from THE BIG BANG THEORY, who has skipped four grades to start high school alongside his less-intellectual older brother. We get a peek into the early years–with voiceover from Jim Parsons–of a genius who is misunderstood by his family, classmates and neighbors. His mother preps him with what she thinks is the only tool he’ll need to survive at his new school: remind bullies that his dad’s the football coach and his brother plays on the team. His twin sister, who’s happy to stay in fourth grade, has a better sense of what awaits Sheldon than he does. Young Sheldon may understand Newtonian physics, but his blue-collar, church-going family only cares if that knowledge will help them win a football game.

young sheldon, tv show, spin off, comedy, trailer, review, cbs
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This writer had his doubts about Young Sheldon when he first heard about it, but after watching this first look trailer it actually looks pretty good. It takes viewers on a trip to the past where life for this little boy was far from normal. There is a lot of comedy, some drama and a strong family dynamic here. As far as spin-offs go this is one that may be worth watching. If you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory then this is a trailer you need to watch. If you want to learn more about Young Sheldon click on this website.

Young Sheldon is having a special one-time preview on September 25, 2017 at 8:30/7:30 pm c. You can follow this show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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