‘Black Lightning’ Brings a New Superhero to the CW

‘Black Lightning’ A new show coming to the CW this Fall

There are a lot of superhero shows on TV right now. Some of them deal with familiar characters, but most of them take a look at new ones. Those that are kind of known by fans get adjusted back stories and have other aspects of their story told. There is a new show coming in the fall on the CW called Black Lightning. The first look trailer is now online and here is what it tells us about this show.

You can read the plot for Black Lightning here:

The pilot episode will feature Jefferson Pierce, who retired from his superhero persona Black Lightning, being forced to return when his daughter Jennifer (McCain), who is hellbent on justice and a star student, gets recruited by a local gang.

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Black Lightning looks like a pretty awesome show. This first look trailer has plenty of action, some strong drama, and some astounding fight scenes. There are also a few good comedic moments towards the end. It is about time they tell the story of this superhero, and this writer personally cannot wait to see it. If you want to learn more about Black Lightning click on this website.

Black Lightning is coming to The CW this Fall. You can follow this show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.






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