A Moment With Fashion & Beauty Expert Natascha Cox

Fashion and beauty blogger Natascha Cox works with many of the most popular brands today including Avon, Urban Decay, Adidas and Burberry Beute.  She is an ambassador for teenage support charity Girls Out Loud (http://girlsoutloud.org.uk/) and speaks out about  concerns related to body image and body disphoric disorder. Read our exclusive interview and one lucky reader gets a free consultation.

{C}; At what point in your life did you realize that you are a fashionista?

NC: I have always been into fashion. When I used to dress up for a night out as a teenager I always had to customize and looked for something that was a bit different. I use fashion as a way to express my self and show my quirky side.

{C}: Please provide our readers with some background info, how did you get started blogging?

NC: I was in a bit of a rut and after starting and stopping new business  ideas for a few years.  I really didn’t know what I wanted to do in life.  I watched a TV show about fashion bloggers and thought, I’m gonna give it a go. I have always been very creative and I love the fact that it’s  like having my very own magazine.  I get to decide what to write and it’s a great platform to let out all of my creativity.

{C}: What is your number one fashion rule?

NC: Just be yourself. Wear it because you like it, not just because it’s in  fashion.

{C}: How did you get involved in The Girls Out Loud project?

NC: I really wanted to work with a charity that was close to my heart  and making a visible difference in the UK. I came across Girls Out Loud and completely related to what they were trying to do. The charity runs programs in schools for teenage girls to help develop  self confidence, learn how to deal with friendships and relationships and offer a support system when they need it most. So many of my own teenage experiences were the result of a lack of confidence and I think this is the kind of help we need to give our teenagers.

{C}: What advice do you give young women who may be struggling with their body image?

NC: Try to just enjoy life. Enjoy the moment and the experiences you are having. Body image is forever changing and it’s really who you are as a person that most people care about. You could be the total stereotype of what society currently perceives as beautiful; but if you’re a complete B**** then no one will like you.

{C}: How do you define the word “beauty”?

NC: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is not just an aesthetic. Beauty can be internal and the external perception of beauty is always changing. If you look back to the Elizabethan age, it was considered beautiful to have really pale skin and a huge forehead. Now everyone wants to be tanned with a small forehead..lol

{C}: Do you think that society has improved on what is considered a beautiful woman. Or has it gotten worse?

NC: Society has  started to become more conscious of the problem; but the fact that we have social media and reality TV has made the problem huge. I think we are starting to move forward with the issues created by the so called perfect images we are now seeing and  surely it can only get better.

{C}: Which is more important–the little black dress or a great pair of pumps?

NC: A great pair of pumps, they’re comfy and  you can wear them more than a could of times!

{C}: What advice would you give a mature woman (age 45 -55) who wants to look mature but not look like a grandmother?

NC: Dress comfortably and find things that suit you. Try things on and step out of your comfort zone occasionally.

{C}: Is there anything that I haven’t covered that you would like to add?

NC: I would love for your readers to connect with me over on Instagram (@natascha.cox https://instagram.com/natascha.cox) or Facebook (nataschacoxnc https://facebook.com/nataschacoxnc} You can also subscribe to my blog at Nataschacox.com http://www.nataschacox.com/>for all my new posts.


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