The {C} Magazine with Taylor Spreitler, Star of the CBS Comedy “Kevin Can Wait”

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Taylor Spreitler started working as an actress at an early age. She won a state-wide beauty and talent contest at the tender age of 6.  It wasn’t long after when she started working in commercials including one for Chuck E. Cheese.

In 2009 Soap Opera Digest named Spreitler one of the hottest newcomers for her role as Mia McCormick on the NBC soap opera “Days of Our Lives.”  She has appeared in a number of televisions series including “Bones”, “Criminal Minds” and “Law and Order Special Victims Unit.” Between 2010 and 2015 she starred opposite Melissa Joan Hart in ABC Family’s “Melissa and Joey.”

Tragedy struck when, in July 2016, Spreitler’s father committed suicide due to depression. She was open about his death and posted on her social media sites. “Today my heart is hurting. My dad took his own life due to his struggles with depression. I am deeply saddened and will miss him dearly as he was my inspiration and biggest cheerleader.”

She is currently hard at work playing the daughter of Kevin James in the CBS comedy “Kevin Can Wait”.


What is it like working with Kevin James on “Kevin Can Wait?” Can you give us any hints on what may be happening with your character this season?

“It’s absolutely amazing. Our whole cast is great and we have such a good time! Well, we are in the middle of planning Kendra and Chales’ wedding so we will see what craziness ensues with that!”


You were born in Mississippi and then moved to New York. Was it a drastic change?

“Yes, it was! I live in New York after living in LA for 13 years and it was yet again a drastic change! New York is just such a unique place and I love it so much.”


How did you become an ambassador for Lupus LA?

I met Adam Selkowitz from Lupus LA through Melissa Joan Hart and I fell in love with the incredible work they do.”


You changed your hair color from blonde to brunette. That’s usually the other way around. Were you nervous about changing your hair color and do you like being a brunette.

“It was hot pink before I dyed it brown so it wasn’t that scary! It was fun having blonde hair and being able to change the color so much but I like my brown…. for now.”


What has been the toughest role?

“Girl On The Edge was my hardest because it was the most responsibility I’ve had– to portray a real person and the things she went through and I wanted to do her and her story justice.”

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