The most luxurious spots to spend Spring Break in Miami

Spring break in Miami is notorious for beach parties, electronic music, and a week of non-stop fun. When you picture the typical college student’s trip to Miami for Spring Break, you think of probably 5 of them squeezing into one cheap hotel room, but there are many other ways to spend the week. While it’s notorious for a week of crazy partying, Spring Break in Miami can also be spent as a calming, relaxing week, a week barbecuing poolside with the family, or a week exploring the tropical waters of Miami.

Party the week away in South Beach

Infamous for spending Spring Break in Miami, partying in South Beach is definitely a bucket list item. If you and the squad are going all-out this year, here are the most luxurious spots that you can recover in between parties.

 Pro-tip: if you fill up these properties with their full capacity, the price per person comes out to that similar as to renting a hotel


A Luxury Vacation House

A Luxury Vacation HouseA 7 bedroom, 6 bathrooms, villa that sleeps you and 18 of your closest friends. This vacation house includes an indoor pool and spa, as well as an outdoor pool and jacuzzi (why have one when you can have two?). In case that doesn’t sell you on it, you’ll have your own private beach. So just in case you need a break from the crowded week-long beach parties, you can always come back to rest on a quiet one of your own.


A Tropical Villa

A Tropical Villa


This 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom villa is like the most relaxing day spa was converted into a house. Want to come to Miami for Spring Break just for a relaxing girls trip? Or maybe you came for the notorious South Beach parties and you need a couple days to relax and detox and the end of your trip, this house is for you.

  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 5 Bathrooms
  • Sleeps 10
  • $1,394/night

Spend the week in luxury in Miami Beach

A Modern Villa

A Modern Villa


In the Bayshore neighborhood, this extremely luxurious modern villa is for those who are going all-out for their Miami Beach Spring Break stay. Maybe a sorority trip together? Maybe a bachelor party? Maybe just a senior Spring Break trip. It’s perfect for all.

Marbled Penthouse

Marbled Penthouse


Nothing says “luxury” like a marble-filled penthouse overlooking all of Miami. Notorious for hosting celebrities ranging from Hollywood’s it-girls to NFL’s big names, this penthouse is perfect for living like a star for your Spring Break in Miami.


An Elegant “Jungle”

An Elegant Jungle


Known as the “Jungle” property, this 5-bedroom property tops the charts for opulence. Filled with amazing art, the Jungle includes both outdoor and indoor bars, a basketball court, boat deck, and a see-through wine cave. Plus, it has views of the beautiful Miami skyline in addition to the tropical water views seen from the pool.

An Oceanside Mansion

An Oceanside Mansion

This 3-story luxury 5,500 square foot villa is filled with natural lighting coming in from the amazing ocean views. Glass staircases, pool and barbecue, a boat dock, and complete with a 900 square foot master bedroom, this Spring Break property doesn’t mess around.


So whether you’re planning a relaxing week, a week with the family by the pool, or a week of partying on South Beach, you can stay in style.


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