John Mayer First Wave of “The Search For Everything” Review

John Mayer has done it again with the release of his first wave of songs from the upcoming album “The Search For Everything.” The instalment features ballads reminiscent of youth and lighthearted times laid over a mesh of backing tracks varying from jazzy to folksy featuring Mayer’s signature guitar solos.

Mayer kicks things off with “Moving On And Getting Over”, which reminisces about the good times of a past relationship but pushes through to get over it. His smooth voice is laid over itself, producing a self-harmony that flows throughout the whole song. The bass proves to be the backbone of this track, with some assistance from the lead guitar. The lyrics are rather simplistic for a John Mayer song, but still good nonetheless.

“Changing” assures listeners that it is perfectly perfect to be imperfect. This song doesn’t really stand out from the rest, almost a let down from the previous one. It opens with a solo piano and Mayer’s vocals, but the band eventually flows in during the hook. What it lacks in spark, it makes up for in a great guitar solo right before the last chorus, where the band fades out and returns to the solo piano and Mayer’s vocals.

An ode to young love, perfect for Saturday date night, “Love On The Weekend” picks up where “Moving On And Getting Over” left off. The reverb on the lead guitar creates a dreamy ocean vibe, and the lyrics paint a picture of romance in its most innocent state. Definitely the most pop sounding track, and will most likely be the one you’ll hear on the radio.

Lastly, “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me” ends on a rather flat note. Extremely laid back opening, again, with piano and Mayer whistling, at first listen it gives off a Randy Newman vibe (think Toy Story). Telling of a certain love that has now gone unrequited, Mayer lightly sings about how he’ll always remember it, even if the object of his affections doesn’t care to.

Overall, the first wave of songs is a good, but underwhelming, start to what is sure to be an equally as good collection of songs. There will be three more waves released throughout the next few months, which will all come together to make up the whole album.

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