4 Ways Your Smartphone Is Your Ultimate Holiday Helper This Season

The holidays have always been the elf’s time to shine. Decorating, wrapping, toy making-it’s what traditional holiday helpers spend all year prepping for. But in a world of online shopping, on-the-go recipe planning and streaming carols, a smartphone and wireless plan actually does the holidays better.

Two-thirds of Americans say their cellular data plan works overtime during the holidays, according to research from Straight Talk Wireless, with nearly half of Americans saying they simply couldn’t make it through the busy holiday season without their smartphone. As you start to tackle your holiday to-do list, don’t go it alone. Use your smartphone to make these four holiday tasks a whole lot merrier.

* Make your list and check it twice. Party planning, shopping lists, holiday calendars -tasks of the holiday season used to require a whole library of materials to record everything. However, with your smartphone, you can catalog holiday to-dos in one simple spot. That way, whenever you need it, your next holiday task is just a click away.

* Be the ultimate holiday gifter. In many cases, the hardest part of shopping for loved ones is actually deciding what you’re going to get them while sticking to your budget. This is especially true for people who seem to have everything, or those known to be very picky. But have no fear – your smartphone can turn you into a gifting-genius by giving you endless hours of online browsing while helping you find the best prices. In fact, forty-one percent of Americans say they will buy up to 10 gifts on their smartphones during the holiday season.

* Put your phone plan on the nice list. Switching to a more affordable cellular plan this year can help you spread more holiday cheer. Straight Talk Wireless offers consumers access to the best phones on the best networks at half the cost. For just $45 per month you get unlimited talk, text and data with the first 5GB at high speeds (then 2G). And now you can double your data for only $10 more with Straight Talk Wireless’ 10GB plan, with the first 10GB of data at high speeds (then 2G) – all for $55. And switching is easy because you can keep your phone, network and number with Straight Talk’s Bring Your Own Phone program (BYOP). Best of all, there are no contracts, credit checks or mystery fees. Leave your old smartphone hassles behind this year, and replace them with more time for holiday fun.

* Get in the holiday spirit with song. Why not use your favorite music app for a little seasonal merriment this year? Whether you import an established holiday playlist of tried-and-true classics or create one of your own, the right holiday mix can get you into the spirit of the season and turn your holiday to-do list into holiday to-done.

To learn more about how Straight Talk Wireless can help you make the most of this holiday season, visit get.straighttalk.com/holiday.

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