Farsali Facial Oils: Worth The Hype?

This review is based solely on how to oil suited the writer’s skin and both products were used continuously for two weeks.

Rose Gold Elixir

unnamedThe minute this is opened, a strong orangey, citrus scent is detected. It is a yellowish gold color with flakes of 24K gold in it.

Although advertised for all skin types, this oil is best suited for those with dry or normal skin. People with problematic skin or acne should avoid using this oil as a primer or mixing with foundations because it can cause the skin to glow, which can make any acne or acne scarring very prominent. The reason why is because this oil sheers out thick, creamy products for an easier application and helps with the blending process. However, it is okay to use as a daily moisturizer by itself. Also, if needed, mix only 1-2 drops to help blend thick or heavy makeup products like cream contours or highlighters for a brighter glow.


Here’s what the website has to say for this oil:

“Developed in the USA, by a team of cosmetic scientists, this beauty oil is a effective lightweight moisturizer with added anti-aging benefits (for all skin types). The base of this luxurious Elixir is Rosehip seed oil. Rosehip seed is made up of 77% fatty acids. High in linoleic and linolenic acids, vitamin C, and vitamin A (retinol); all essential for skin health. Rosehips have been found to regenerate tissue and reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks.”


Volcanic Ash Elixir

dsc_03761This oil has a more musky and earthy smell and is not as strong as the rose gold elixir. It is a yellowish olive color and a slightly thicker consistency than the rose gold elixir.

For those with problematic skin or acne prone skin, this oil is a life savior. It can help regenerate skin that is damaged from the sun and/or acne. Although it can be used during the day as well, since it is a little more heavier than the rose god elixir, it is best to use at night. Depending on the person and their skin, apply no more than 3-5 drops. This can also be used as a primer before applying makeup. Let this oil dry for ten minutes before any other products are applied.



Here’s what the website has to say for this oil:

“The properties in oil can help regenerate skin tissue. For this reason, the Volcanic Elixir can condition broken skin, and repair sun and acne damaged skin. It also has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic, and antioxidant properties, making it ideal for acne sufferers. The thing that sets this oil apart from others is a certain lipid called calophyllolide, which is not found in any other oil, and is a very strong anti-inflammatory. The Volcanic Elixir aids in regenerating new healthy skin. It can be used on acne and acne scars, dry and scaly skin, stretch marks, etc.”


Final Verdict

Are these worth the hype? Definitely, but depending on the users skin.

For problematic skin like acne, the volcanic ash elixir is a better choice, especially if the oil is being worn under makeup. If used sparingly and not worn under makeup, the rose gold elixir is also a great choice for the amount of moisture it brings to the skin.

For those with dry or normal skin, both oils are a great choice, but the rose gold elixir is a better option. Along with providing moisture, it gives the skin a beautiful dewy look and glow.


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