How Do I Take Care of My Skin?

“Agh, my skin looks terrible!” “Aw man, would ya look at those zits?!” “Wait, you have to take care of your face?” Needless to say, many people have no idea what their skin needs or how to care for it. A common excuse for poor skincare is the environment in which one grows up in. Many individuals either receive contradicting instructions regarding skin care, or are completely oblivious to their skin’s needs. Why exactly is taking of our skin important? Well for one, it boosts confidence. Whether it’s acne, discoloration, wrinkles, etc., a skincare regimen helps improve and demolish concerns from its very roots. Who wouldn’t want to stand tall and proud? Another reason an individual should incorporate a skincare routine into one’s life is that it can actually help prevent certain skin diseases and cancers from occurring. Having said that, let’s get started!

There are three phases to skin care: cleansing, moisturizing, and sealing. Beginning with the first step, let’s talk about cleansing.

    1. Next step: washing. Many people make the mistake of washing their face way too much—thus resulting in dryness or even acne! A solution to this problem is to wash your face in the morning with just water, and in the evening with a cleanser of your choice. A great choice is Vichy Laboratoires’ Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel. The cleanser is not drying, (alcohol-free), and also helps alleviate acne. However, be aware that the type of product you choose depends on your skin type. Dry, oily, or combination skin—it’s up to you to decide.
    2. Third step is to use a facial mask. In general, there are many masks to choose from. The two key groups the majority of masks breaks1375773-main-zoom down into are cleansers and moisturizers. I would limit cleansers, (including peel-offs), to once a day, twice a week. For moisturizers, as long as they are alcohol-free or organic, they’re fine to use maximum four times a week. A popular cleansing mask many find visible improvement with is Origin’s Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. Fair warning: you’ll look like a mud monster, but it’s fine since you’ll be saying bye-bye to blackheads. As for a moisturizing mask we recommend Freeman’s Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask. Your supple skin will love you for introducing it to the time of its life.
    3. The last step of the cleansing phase is to use a facial toner. Toning is important as it picks up leftover flecks of dirt. However, many companies opt to fill their products with unnecessary amounts of alcohol that only end up irritating and drying your skin. Many who find success with their skin opt for an organic alternative: rosewater. Simply dab a cotton-ball into the liquid and apply the product to your face. Not only does this product leave your skin feeling tingly-clean, but it also leaves it soft and with gradual use, can bring a beautiful rose hue to your face.

Moving on to the moisturizing phase, this is probably one of the most important aspects of skincare. As you age, (or whether you have dry skin), to put it bluntly: your skin will deflate. To prevent this, you help by adding moisture and creating a barrier for your skin.To prevent this, you help by adding moisture and creating a barrier for your skin. To prevent this, you help by adding moisture and creating a barrier for your skin.


  • The first step of the moisturizing phase is to apply a serum. Serums are often neglected despite their beneficial properties of vitamins C and1f3f9304-b68d-4a8c-8ec1-eb912c8bab95_1.5c46ccb4b5e0c91faac8142f53c1a82b E. In regards to choosing the one right for you, it depends on your age. If you are twenty-four and under, opt for one that focuses only on moisturizing, (without hyaluronic acid.) For late twenties to mid-thirties, choose one that focuses on anti-aging and collagen-promoting. And from mid-thirties onwards, it matters on what the individual is trying to work on, (hollow faces versus deep wrinkles versus sagging).For those in their twenties, you’ll want to focus on retaining that moisture in your skin with Jeffrey James Botanicals’ Moisture Drench Serum. For those up to their mid/late thirties, either L’Oréal’s RevitaLift Triple Power Concentrated Serum or L’Oréal’s Age Perfect Cell Renewal Gold Serum will do. For the older men and ladies worries about a myriad of problems, Clinique’s Smart Serum is the way to go! The intelligent serum detects imperfections in the skin, (such as wrinkles, sagging, and discoloration) and seeks to fix it.
  • The second step is moisturizing, (with a lotion). This is the most important step out of the entire skin care regimen process. “What kind of moisturizer should I choose?” It all depends on your skin type and age. For most youngsters and combination/oily skin, Origin’s Ginzing 1653253_fpxEnergy-Boosting Moisturizer is a great choice: lightweight; radiant skin; efficient. For youngsters with dry skin, Origin’s Make A Difference Plus + Ultra Rich Rejuvenating Cream is great as well. For those who are older, L’Oréal is well known for their extensive range of quality products. L’Oréal has a myriad of products from nighttime to daytime, lifting, anti-wrinkles, first signs of aging, etc. Two of their most popular products are Revitalift Triple Power Deep-Acting Moisturizer and Age Perfect Night Cream.
  • The last step includes an eye cream. Too often, many of us neglect our eyes although the first signs of stress and aging begin there! For those 24 and under, use a moisturizing eye cream such as Origin’s Eye Doctor, (or Origin’s Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream for those with dark circles around their eyes.) For older individuals, focus on prevention and treating damage that’s already there. A lovely pick is Clinique’s Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream.

The last phase that concludes the skin care regimen is sealing the product. Sealing is essentially giving your skin the last ‘umph that it needs. For the A0275010daytime, always slather on a bit of sunscreen to every part visible to the sun, (also important to prevent aging and especially skin cancer!) If you struggle with acne, go ahead and apply a leave-on treatment cream. For nighttime, you can apply a tiny dot of Vaseline to your face to seal in moisture. You’ll wake up with your skin feeling miraculously soft. It’s even rumored that Marilyn Monroe incorporated Vaseline as part of her nighttime ritual…Lastly, top that off with an acne medication of your choice. If your acne proves to be troublesome and is not improving regardless of a change of skin care, ask your doctor about Retin-A. Many swear Retin-A is the miracle panacea to their acne.

Although the skin care routine may seem a bit complex, I can promise you it isn’t—especially when you incorporate it into your daily routine. Once you do, you won’t even think about it considering the total time consists of a couple of minutes. Having said that, are you ready to flaunt that confidence at those cocktail parties? Let us know!



  • Use alcohol-free products, as alcohol can dry your skin. It’s also better to use paraben-free products, although not mandatory.
  • Don’t be afraid to work the product to your neck and chest as those areas are often neglected and show signs of aging.
  • As with all the products, try to massage them in upwards motions with your middle and ring fingers to help prevent aging.
  • If you’d like to give your skin break from product, applying a drop of olive-oil to your face. Olive oil is essentially a miracle from nature and is known for its moisturizing properties. It’s fine for those with dry and oily skin as long as you keep consistency in mind. In contrast to what many think, olive oil does not clog pores, so go figure!

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