Spring Fashion Trends for Kids

Int Art 2 Image 2Celebrity kids like the West/Disick bunch have been capturing people’s attention not only for their cuteness, but also for their adorable sense of style.  Yes, their parents get most of the credit. But it is still fun to think about what is in “style” for kids this season.  After all, the playground can be the location for spring’s most important event.

Easter always brings the white lace out of the closet. But this season, we should expect to see it a lot more.  Dresses, jackets, shoes, even hair accessories will follow the trend. It is important to note that it should not be worn all at once.  Parents should opt to feature the pattern in just one part of the outfit so that it flatters your child.

The next teen trend may work for your toddlers and preteens, too!  Denim.  This spring, kids will be wearing full denim threads top to bottom.  It could be worn all at once, but good luck getting the grass stains out. Int Art 2 Image 4

A beautiful day on the beach easily inspires some floral print to be incorporated into an outfit.  But if you don’t live near sand, this look works at the park or at school.  Boys can even pull it off via a hat or swim trunks.

Probably the most daring for this spring is the fringe/bohemian trend.  Parents who like this style for themselves will be more likely to opt for this look before other parents do. It is worth mentioning, however, that dressing your child in warm colors and frilly fabrics will not only boost their confidence but they will look super cute and unique too.

Spring is certainly an exciting time for your little ones.  They kiss the cold good-bye and start the countdown to summer. And all of these looks will have them tapping their pencils in style.

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