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123Xavier is a triple threat teen sensation, rapper, vocalist and instrumentalist.   He has just signed a major 3 single deal with CW One Music Group/Sony Red aka, Red Music.  This is one of the many amazing achievements of this rising star.   Xavier was born and raised in Brooklyn and at an early age emerged as a gifted artist. He was rapping, singing and mastering different instruments; all while overcoming the adversity of coming out of the inner-city life   Xavier has clearly proven that dreams can become reality.  One of the many things that this talented artist has been able to do is open for artists such as Nicki Minaj, Kevin Hart and so many others.  Now he has a new single out, “Lift you up”, which clearly not only show cases his rapping skills but also his melodic voice and captivating lyrics.   We had a chance to catch up with him recently and this is what he shared with us.


{C} Tell us about your latest single “Lift you up”? What inspired this song and where do you draw your inspiration?

For the song “Lift you up” I would say I drew upon my creativity and asked myself what haven’t I already done on my records before and then I began with the melody and chorus, with the R & B sounds and then I went from there, or built on that, for this song and it began to unfold.


{C} What can you tell us about what it’s like to be considered a teen sensation on the rise with the pressures of success and just being signed to a major deal with Sony Red?

For me I do not think of being a teen sensation as a pressure because for me all that it represents is a new growth in the way that I carry myself in life.  Being 18 years of age I think about how amazing it is, how fun and the adrenaline I feel.  I am grateful to be where I am at and when I hear about pressures ‘to be’ that represents someone who may not know what they are doing.   For me a teen sensation on the rise is to gain a new sense of responsibility and hope.


{C} How do you feel about being a triple threat by being able to not only sing, but also to be able to rap and play different instruments as well?

First and foremost you have to work harder and dedicate time to the musical theory of it.  I always knew I could play instruments but then I was also able to see that my talents were singing and rapping.   My skills allowed me to place all three together and also set an overall picture and message to believe.   You must also be able to go back to record and revise what you do and improve on it as a set direction.


{C} In several articles in the media it states that you began to showcase your gift of rapping, singing and music at young age.   How much dedication did you put towards it all?

You know how every elementary kid has something they like to get involved in, whether it is playing a sport or getting into a different extra curricular activity.  Well for me it was music.  Every time I came home I would play my drums for about 3 hours each day then listen to music on my headphones. I loved spending time in my room. I did not have any idea and I do not think my parents did either of how long a time I spent just enjoying being inside working on music and playing drums.  I just knew I enjoyed it and worked hard on it.


{C} You have opened up for amazing artists such as Nicki Minaj and Kevin Hart, to name a few. What can you tell us about those experiences?

The best way I can describe that is, you know, how each football game has a pre-game show and you are asked to perform on it with many people watching.   I wanted to make sure my team, dancers and managers all worked hard to bring out the best show and performance there was.  It is almost like making sure you’re placing an earth shattering performance.  I know these performances and the opportunity I gained because of them have paved the way for me.  I am grateful to be able to feel the adrenaline, rush and know the fans all enjoyed it.


{C} You just attended Atlantic City’s Electric Adventure Music Festival in NYC. Tell us what that experience was like?

This was an incredible experience.  I also celebrated my birthday and there were so many memorable performances.  I was able to showcase my music and also able to get interviewed by Hip Hop Weekly’s Cynthia Horn and other media outlets in the music industry.  I was able to perform and show the success that I have gained and has been revolving around me musically and connect with all the fans.


{C} What advice can you give other young artists that are making music a career?

A piece of advice that I can give to someone starting out in this business is to always be able to have perseverance and always be able to shade the colors of your own character.  Always remain humbled and grateful. I always try to keep an aura and environment that is relaxing 100 percent of the time. I know there are always (in this industry) those that do not know how to do that and they create negativity.  I work hard to have respect for others and not focus on the negativity. Surround yourself with positivity.


{C} What is something that you would like to share with your fans?

One of the things that I don’t think many of my fans know about is that as much as I love performing and hanging out at events, I also like to keep a balance of staying at home and working on my craft of music.  Do not get me wrong I enjoy spending time with fans and performing on the stage, but I also want to work on how to better what I am doing.  I know it is hard and I admire those that are reserved and can keep to themselves.   However I always try to remain balanced by being able to do both.

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