R&B Crooner Guordan Banks Explains His New Single “Keep You In Mind”

Guordan Banks is a 27-year old singer-songwriter, born and raised in the economically depressed and crime-ridden streets of North Philadelphia.  As a songwriter, he has collaborated with some of the biggest musical stars of the day, including 50 Cent, Kanye West, John Legend and K. Michelle.  His music is steeped in conversation, rich with textured melodies and velvety harmonies. His subjects range from the big moments to the small ones-the need for world unity and healing, the in’s and out’s of romance lost and found, and the intricacies of incarceration.

His debut project, A Song for Everyone , to be released on his own label, Bank On It Entertainment, deftly captures his range of vision with music for the soul, the mind and the bedroom.

A Song for Everyone  makes little delineation between expansive ideas and intimate thoughts-the intimate and the expansive share equal space.  The lead track,”Keep You In Mind,” produced by Hit-Boy collaborator K. Roosevelt is a neo-soul platter of respectful and chivalrous wooing.  Throughout the project, big soaring pop numbers (“Can’t Lose You,” “Let’s Go Together”) sit side-by-side with early summer grooves (“I Don’t Deserve,” “We Can’t Be Friends”) and numbers prefect for late night rendezvous (‘Come to Me,” “I’m In Love With You”).  “My expertise is being able to capture real-life events and put them to song in a form that people can relate to,” says Banks. “Music really is not just supposed to be ear candy; it should be poetry. It’s supposed to be something you can learn from.  That’s why I love that title, A Song for Everyone, because that’s what it really is: a song for everyone.”


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