Three-piece Rock Band Reservations share first single + video

Taking Time, the first studio album of Austin-based band Reservations, is a far leap from their early sound. From the initial track, “Planet”–a mix of low-fi keyboards and heavy drums set against the undeniably present but subtle vocals of songwriter/frontwoman Jana Horn–the record takes on a dynamical terrain that practically reintroduces the band as a new creation, an evolving form that has only now realized its own. Though it is Reservations’ second release, it is the first representation of the band as a three-piece, and marks a move from their minimalist-folk roots to a more rock-influenced, spacious sound.

The majority of the songs from the album were written when Horn was 19, developing over her early years in college when she met bandmates Paul Price (Good Field) and Jason Baczynski (Tacks, The Boy Disaster).  Horn’s age is hardly evident, however, in her poetic and often harsh lyrics that linger on themes of the emotional weight of relationships and coming to terms–themes that led Horn to associate the album with, and title the album from, Daniel Johnston’s “Some Things Last a Long Time.

View the video for “Planet”

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