Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Trending Accessories

Resistant Leather Wallet









A great gift for dad is to get him a sweat and water resistant wallet, save him the hassle of having to carry around a zip-lock bag! Make sure it’s expandable as well!


Brand New Leather Belt









Tired of seeing your dad walk around with a torn up belt? Well, now is the perfect occasion to get him a brand new leather belt! Dark brown and black seems to be the most popular colors for men belts.


Stylish Smart Watch







Is your dad the type of guy who always asks for the time and temperature? If your answer is yes, then this is the perfect gift for him. Stylish smart watches are one of the most trending accessories this summer. From waterproof to lifetime warranty, you’ll never have to tell your dad the time or temperature again!


Sophisticated Boat Shoes









Even if your dad isn’t outdoorsy this is still a great gift! Made with leather and carried in many different colors; these boat shoes are water-resistant, durable, and extremely soft! You won’t hear dad complaining about foot blisters anymore!


The Perfect Shades








Dads’ love wearing shades, but let’s face it you’re tired of seeing him trying to superglue the frames back together. Not to mention the lenses are all scratched up! Now is the time to get him some new unbreakable and resistant shades.


The Classic Summer Hat









Fedora hats seem to be the trending “IT” items this summer! They protect well from the sun and they’re also extremely lightweight!


SPREZZABOX – “The Gift of Style”










Sprezzabox is the perfect gift set to give to your dad on father’s day. Each box contains current fashion trends and high quality items. For only $28 a month you will receive each month 4-5 lifestyle items, a grooming product, discount codes, and more! The box is yours to keep and has a retail value greater than $28! The membership is commitment-free. You can simply buy one sprezzabox of your choice and tell you dad about this amazing deal. For more information visit http://www.sprezzabox.com/.

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