Powerwall: Tesla Home Battery

Many may have heard about Tesla, but for those who haven’t, Tesla is an up-and-coming company that sells and manufactures vehicles. What separates them from other car companies is that Tesla solely focuses on the production of vehicles that are electric. Founded in 2003, it was the well-known engineer, Nikola Tesla, who inspired the name. Overall, the goal of the company is to prove that electric cars can exceed those that are gasoline-powered. However, for each generation that passes, the company hopes to make their products more affordable.

Tesla RoadsterIn 2008, Tesla launched the Tesla Roadster, which proved to set a new standard for electric mobility, seeing as it was able to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in a matter of 3.7 seconds. By 2012, the company was able to launch Model S, which is the world’s first, premium, electric sedan. This model, too, accelerated just as fast as the Tesla Roadster, but it still held the comfort and utility of a family sedan.

Although Tesla is known for their electric-run vehicles, they also design and manufacture electric, vehicle, powertrain components and battery products.

You might be wondering: What is Tesla’s latest invention? Well, as of the month of May, CEO Elon Musk introduced a sleek, new invention he calls Powerwall. The Powerwall is an energy, storage unit that can be mounted into the wall of your home or business and is designed to store energy Powerwallfrom the grid or rooftop solar panels. It can hold 10-kilowatt hours of electric energy, and deliver it at an average of 2 kilowatts. What’s better than this is that it’s all for the price of $3,500. This battery pack is designed to remain unobtrusive and, despite its slim exterior, it can still hold up to enough energy to power an average, U.S. home for about 10 hours.

So, how is this new invention beneficial to us? Well, Powerwall is able to offer customers with solar panels the ability to run off their own solar power during an electric outage. The solar panels we use today may typically disconnect from the grid when there is an outage, which inevitably leaves us with no power. However, we don’t have to deal with that with the Powerwall because it ensures that their customers don’t have to go through that. Not only can this be beneficial in this aspect but Powerwall will also play a role in reducing your electricity bill. How? Well, Powerwall stores its energy at night and discharges in the late afternoon and evening. You can see that it stores energy when the electricity rates are the lowest and it discharges when the rates are typically higher.

In turn, Powerwall essentially provides their customers with safety and security. It is completely automated, therefore it installs easily and requires no maintenance. Powerwall offers independence from the utility grid and the security of an emergency backup. Also, it includes its own liquid, cooling system to ensure a safe operation and a long life. Powerwall has a warranty of 10 years and will begin its shipping this summer.

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