Cardi B has released the video for her new hit single “Bodak Yellow.” The exotic visual premiered live on BET this weekend. This past weekend saw Cardi B appearing on the BET Awards red carpet, presenting during the live broadcast, as well as performing at several events throughout the busy weekend. Cardi performed at the […]

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Mickey Takes a Big Job on in ‘Canned’ with Hilarious Results

Mickey tries to take out the trash in ‘Canned’ but finds out it won’t be a simple task Mickey Mouse is a very well known cartoon character. He has been in all kinds of cartoons, movies, TV shows and specials in his long career. A few years ago Disney Channel decided to make new cartoons, and they have […]

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‘Days Gone’ Takes Players to a Dangerous Post-Apocalyptic World

‘Days Gone’ Has players traversing a dangerous world Horror games are not for everybody. They can be pretty intense, but there are plenty of gamers who love them. At E3 this year they revealed game play footage for Days Gone. It is a new game where danger lurks at almost every turn. This writer was […]

60-Plus? Smart Fashion Tips To Keep You Looking Stylish And Fabulous

Muumuus and mom jeans or spangled capris and Aloha shirts — is this really all the fashion world has to offer women over the age of 60? Do mature women who desire to dress fashionably for summer really have to choose between “frumpy and fogey” or “too young and trendy?” Not at all, says Catherine […]

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The Hunt Begins in this ‘Uncharted The Lost Legacy’ Gameplay Trailer

There is a new treasure to be found in this ‘Uncharted The Lost Legacy’ Gameplay Trailer The Uncharted games is a popular series among fans. Many of these games have come out on the Playstation systems, and they have sold a lot of copies. At E3 2017 they had a gameplay demo for the newest […]

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Kratos Explores a New Land in this ‘God of War’ Gameplay Trailer

See Older Kratos in action in this ‘God of War’ Gameplay Trailer God of War is a pretty amazing series. The games have all been pretty gory, but behind that they tell a powerful story. The series focuses on Kratos, a man turned god who has a rage that appears to have no end. At […]

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Check out this Action Packed ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Gameplay Trailer

Watch this intense ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Gamplay Trailer Spider-Man is a popular and well known hero. He got his start in comics but since then has shown up in cartoon shows, movies, and video games. He has had different forms over the years, and fans got to see gameplay footage of his newest game Marvel’s Spider-Man […]

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Play your Friends in ‘Pokken Tournament DX’ coming to the Nintendo Switch

Pokemon returns to Nintendo in ‘Pokken Tournament DX’ Pokemon is a very successful game series. It has been around for a good while now, and continues to add new Pokemon and new areas to explore. Gamers of all ages love to play them, and now they can on the Nintendo Switch. Pokken Tournament DX had […]

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Join the Uprising in ‘Sonic Forces’

Sonic faces a dangerous new foe in ‘Sonic Forces’ Sonic the Hedgehog has been in a lot of games over the years. Some time ago he made the jump to Nintendo, and it has taken him on many new, exciting adventures. At E3 there an announcement of a new game coming soon called Sonic Forces. This […]

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Step into a World on Wonder in this ‘Coco’ Trailer

Explore a fascinating new world in this ‘Coco’ Trailer Disney is takes risks in the movies they make lately, and most of the time they pay off. They have made films about talking toys, cars and planes that can speak, and shown us the unknown world of monsters more than once. Their newest film Coco […]