Princess Modupe Ozolua of the Benin Kingdom, Nigeria makes Atlanta African Art Debut

Meet the Princess who’s literally ‘Coming to America’ and learn more about her mission to “Rise Above Terror.” Tell us about your humanitarianism and what motivates you. I firmly believe that we are all created for a purpose. Each with his or her “calling”. Most people go through life not knowing what their purpose is, […]

BMW Celebrates 100 Years with a Special Model

In celebration of its 100th anniversary, BMW is rolling out a special anniversary edition of their flagship 7-Series sedan. Dubbed the BMW Individual 7 Series THE NEXT 100 YEARS, the sedan will have several high end touches separating it from the standard 7-Series. The special edition for the US market will be based off the […]

The Gal’s Guide To An Unforgettable Girlfriends’ Getaway

Looking to satisfy your wanderlust? There are no better travel partners than your girlfriends. From Mayo Clinic to Harvard University, research shows friendships improve health, happiness and longevity, so it is time to seize the day, or in this case, the weekend. Whether you want to reconnect or simply experience something new, planning a girlfriends’ […]

5 Easy Ways To Relax, Recharge And Have Fun On A Boat

Feeling stressed? Adding water to your summer plans may be one of the best remedies. More than four in five Americans say being around water relaxes them, and 72 percent feel healthier after spending time on the water, according to a 2015 Discover Boating survey by Wakefield Research. With Americans working longer hours, the need […]

10 Heart-Healthy Foods That You’ll Actually Want To Eat

What does oatmeal, beans and skinless chicken have in common? They are all heart healthy foods, yet don’t do a whole lot to tantalize the taste buds. Fortunately, eating for heart health doesn’t mean a life sentence of bland foods or boring flavors. By thinking beyond the oatmeal box, you can reinvent your meals while […]

Simple Solution To Maximize Your Car’s Performance

Are you the type of driver who pushes the accelerator a little harder on the curves of a back-country road? Are you a person who smiles as they approach a new terrain or road condition you’ve never conquered before? If so, you’re a performance seeker. A person who is constantly pushing themselves to prove that they […]