J Dilla

J Dilla Makes Another Entry With The Diary New life and resurrections are common themes for the spring season.  And this spring hip hop fans will be treated to both in the form of The Diary, the long anticipated posthumous release from J Dilla, one of the genre’s most celebrated gone to soon emcees.  Set […]

Conquering The Top 5 Reasons People Fail At Fitness

Everyone can agree that regular exercise is important, so why do so many people struggle to stick with their fitness goals? If you’ve encountered barriers holding you back from committing to a fitness routine, you’re not alone. The health experts at the Mayo Clinic offer simple ideas for overcoming the five most common hurdles to […]

10 Expert Health Tips That Simplify Holistic Living

Diet fads, new workout regimens, exotic health supplements – every day, people are inundated with headlines about health trends. Out of the clutter and confusion a new, arguably more sensible, health movement is gaining traction: holistic living. Taking a holistic health approach means looking at your overall wellness from a big picture perspective. That means […]

5 Ways to Tackle Tech Trouble Today

Your next tech-tastrophy could take many forms. Maybe it’s the quick flash out of your monitor screen, the smoke coming from your printer or that mysterious clunking sound your favorite device keeps making – just because you accidently dropped it one or five times. If you’re a small business professional trying to manage the budget, […]

CeeLo Green’s Love Train Tour Hits Terminal West (With Special Guests Escort)

“No one is exempt from the human experience.  So it’s important to share those commonalities.” CeeLo Green’s Love Train Tour will be leaving the station soon, with a stop in Atlanta on March 3rd at Terminal West.  Eager to share the human experience as interpreted by CeeLo’s genre defiant sound, “The Love Train Tour” will […]

3 Tips For Evaluating What Your Business Is Worth

Financial and business education is a critical pathway for the future of America’s small business community. To start with, business owners should ask themselves: “What is the true value of my business?” It’s an important question because the value of your business will have a big impact on both the professional and personal aspects of […]

Talking Loud

“Oh my God, I have those boots!” My outburst at the onset of the interview sends the four-member group and their manager into hysterics.  This icebreaker is exactly what I need in this moment.  Meeting LOUD doesn’t make me nervous. But they are signed to my role model, Kandi Burruss of Xscape and The Real […]

Glamour Gives Class

Girl groups have been a part of American pop culture since the days of The Andrews Sisters; pretty girls who can sing will always make for a great production.  Every generation since then has boasted its own iconic groups.  From The Supremes of the 60’s to Fifth Harmony of today, the formula will never change.  […]