Mission Impossible 6?

‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ hits theaters this weekend. In the new ‘Mission Impossible’ movie, IMF agency comes under threat after an organization of assassins and rogue operatives. Ethan Hunt assembles his team for their final and most difficult mission —to prove the Syndicate’s existence and bring the organization down by any means necessary. While, ‘Mission Impossible […]

Interview with Successful Hairstylist Gocha Hawkins

  She’s an award-winning hairstylist and has been in the business for about 20 years! She’s worked for H&M, television, weddings, magazines, and has even styled celebrities like Beyoncé, Serena Williams, Pitbull, Drake, and many more. Participating in the new upcoming season of “L.A. Hair,” this hairstylist knows what it takes to be in the […]

VIPs Turn Out for ‘VACATION’ Screenings

Warner Bros. Pictures partnered with several media outlets to host a series of influencer screenings in New York and Atlanta for the comedy ‘VACATION,’ starring Ed Helms, Christina Applegate and Chris Hemsworth. Last night, BOSSIP held the Atlanta event at Regal Atlantic Station with V103 radio host Ryan Cameron. Attendees included “Love & Hip Hop: […]

Total Loss Vehicles Are Valuable Treasures To Some

Each year auto insurers declare millions of vehicles to be total losses. This typically happens when an insurance company decides that it’s more cost effective to pay the insured for the pre-damage value of the vehicle rather than repair it. Ever wonder what happens to that vehicle after the insurance company writes the check and […]