George Shingletons “Out All Nighter” Album Out Now

Nashville-based country singer-songwriter George Shingleton  releases new album, Out All Nighter via Rock Ridge Music. In order to provide the rightful, righteous soundtrack to grappling with one’s inner demons, Shingleton has been able to wrangle his own internal good vs. evil wrestling match into a number of heartfelt songs that are infused with his patented lived-in, whiskey-tinged […]

From the Mil to the A, D.Tigg$ stays making plays while putting on for the 414

Growing up on the Milwaukee’s Northside, DTigg$ started penning lyrics while attending Roosevelt Middle School. One of his closest friends just so happened to have started making beats around the same time, who went by Bizness Boi. Biz is a Grammy-nominated producer nowadays, but back when he and D.Tigg$ first started their journey, “Man, he […]

Rising ATL artist Tana Man prepped and ready to take on the world!

A person’s eyes are the windows to their soul, a peek behind the curtain, giving away true emotions in a heartbeat. Eyes are always a fascinating characteristic of individuals, they can be altered synthetically with color, size and shape. It is a futile effort at the end of the day, because eyes also unconsciously adapt […]

Artists to Watch: Jean Dawson

If there is one artist to keep your eye on it’s Jean Dawson. The Mexican-American artist is a mystifying enigma. His musical influences: rap, punk, hip-hop, pop, and experimental, are not only a product of his bicultural background but that of our transient environment. Having been born in the midst of technologically dependent times offering us the world […]

Flying High with Smiddy95: Meet the Beloit, WI Rapper who is poised to elevate in 2021

The first-time meeting Smiddy95, it was clear that he was born for the hustle of the game. From the gaseous backwood in his hand to his go-getter demeanor, he was ready to get after it. He stuck his hand out and introduced himself, even offering up a drag off the blunt, which was also when […]

Meet Dexxx and Donno, the twins putting on for Milwaukee

Milwaukee has been a seldom heard from contributor to the hip-hop. The city has  become almost a self-contained, sound-proofed stadium where incredible music is made inside and the hometown goes crazy, but step outside those doors and the sound is gone. This barrier has only been broken a couple of times. The first was in […]

BET Hip Hop Awards 2020 Nominations

BET announces the nominees for the 15th annual “Hip Hop Awards,” honoring the past year in hip hop music across 17 categories.  The BET Hip Hop Awards is set to premiere on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 9:00PM ET/PT. Rising superstar, and winner of the 2019 Hip Hop Awards “Best New Hip Hop Artist,” DaBaby, leads this year’s nominations […]

Hip Hop For Change: Returning Hip-Hop’s Narrative Pen to the Artist

One lesson that children learn early in school, is that history is written by the victors. The narrative is everything and everything is narrative because description drives perception. Thus, he who controls the story controls so much more, especially in today’s world. In the case of hip-hop, the narrative pen was long ago taken from […]

Hellz to the Yea – HellzYea! Interview

The phrase “stuck in a groove” has taken a considerably negative connotation in recent years. Ads on TV asking if you feel stuck in your day to day life, pictures and posts splayed across social medias promising a quick come-up becoming an expert in this or that, people asking if you are truly happy with […]