Enjoy a Fun-Filled Virtual Family Vacation Anytime, Anywhere With Go Vacation

A resort vacation is always at your fingertips with the new GO VACATION game for the Nintendo Switch system. From sky diving and beach volleyball to tennis and even snowball fights, Kawawii island offers something for everyone, with more than 50 different games and activities to enjoy. Check out a new trailer for the game by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDG_siAbPQE. GO VACATION includes […]

Nintendo Download: The Hyrule Gang’s All Here!

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured games… Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition – Cut down enemy hordes as characters from the Legend of Zelda series. You even play co-op multiplayer with a friend on one system! All features and downloadable content from past versions of the game, including My Fairy mode and elements […]

H1Z1 Launch Free-To-Play on PlayStation 4

Daybreak Games’ H1Z1, the original standalone battle royale game, is coming to PlayStation 4 H1Z1 on PS4 is designed specifically for the console and focuses exclusively on the core elements that make battle royale exciting. The game features a new weapon progression system, fully reworked UI, and new weapons and gear. “H1Z1 on PS4 is […]

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A Toy Story World was Revealed for ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ at D23

At D23 this weekend a new world was revealed for ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Kingdom Hearts is a very popular game series. There have been a few console titles, and a couple handheld ones. Most of them have been quite good. For years now fans have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3. Their hearts sank when […]

‘Ni No Kuni 2’ An Amazing Game with a Powerful Story

‘Ni No Kuni 2’ Had an amazing demo at E3 this year They were all kinds of games to try out at E3 this year. They covered many different genres, and each gamer had demos they wanted to play. Bandai Namco brought a few games this year, and Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom was one […]

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‘Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite’ Adds a Fun New Element to this Series

‘Marvel Vs. Capcom’ Adds new twists to this series The Marvel Vs. Capcom games have had a number of iterations over the years. This writer remembers watching people playing it in the arcade, and having all kinds of fun. The game offers players all kinds of characters to choose from, and does a great job […]

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‘Days Gone’ Takes Players to a Dangerous Post-Apocalyptic World

‘Days Gone’ Has players traversing a dangerous world Horror games are not for everybody. They can be pretty intense, but there are plenty of gamers who love them. At E3 this year they revealed game play footage for Days Gone. It is a new game where danger lurks at almost every turn. This writer was […]

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The Hunt Begins in this ‘Uncharted The Lost Legacy’ Gameplay Trailer

There is a new treasure to be found in this ‘Uncharted The Lost Legacy’ Gameplay Trailer The Uncharted games is a popular series among fans. Many of these games have come out on the Playstation systems, and they have sold a lot of copies. At E3 2017 they had a gameplay demo for the newest […]

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Kratos Explores a New Land in this ‘God of War’ Gameplay Trailer

See Older Kratos in action in this ‘God of War’ Gameplay Trailer God of War is a pretty amazing series. The games have all been pretty gory, but behind that they tell a powerful story. The series focuses on Kratos, a man turned god who has a rage that appears to have no end. At […]

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Check out this Action Packed ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Gameplay Trailer

Watch this intense ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Gamplay Trailer Spider-Man is a popular and well known hero. He got his start in comics but since then has shown up in cartoon shows, movies, and video games. He has had different forms over the years, and fans got to see gameplay footage of his newest game Marvel’s Spider-Man […]