Artists to Watch: Reggie

Reginald Helms, Jr., better known as Reggie, is new on the scene but fits perfectly into the world of genre-blending talents and honest story-tellers. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Reggie cites his church community as his main source of inspiration. Though he owes much of his artistry to the church of his youth, a rocky adolescence of […]

Artists to Watch: Jean Dawson

If there is one artist to keep your eye on it’s Jean Dawson. The Mexican-American artist is a mystifying enigma. His musical influences: rap, punk, hip-hop, pop, and experimental, are not only a product of his bicultural background but that of our transient environment. Having been born in the midst of technologically dependent times offering us the world […]

¿Teo? Releases New Single “Hope 4”

Mateo Arias, better known as ¿Teo?, has released a new single titled “Hope 4,” and it’s definitive of the soulful and sophisticated artist behind the music. With captivating vocals and smooth instrumentals, this latest release is nothing short of a breathtaking and purifying experience. Unlike much of his recent work that features more extensive hip-hop and Latin blends, […]


Binki, with only a handful of released songs, is slowly but surely making a name for himself. The 22-year-old North Carolina native has created a unique blend of indie pop, hip-hop, and funk that’s cemented him in the category of artists worth watching. His discography makes for a heavenly soundtrack to adolescence, love affairs, and those moments when […]