4 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

When you hear ‘coconut oil,’ you think of how you can only use in tasty recipes, right? Wrong! Coconut oil has become the essential product not just for kitchens, but also the bathroom cabinet. Many people use coconut oil mainly for cooking–being a healthier and yummy alternative to other cooking oils. But did you know […]

Is Tantouring the New Contouring?

If you’re all about contouring, then you might be interested in a new contouring technique people have been trying out called “tantouring”.  This new technique is contouring with self-tanner. Sounds crazy, right?  But if done right, this technique will give you the natural appearance of a contoured face for up to 2 weeks. If you’re […]

Summer Must-Have Accessory

The ‘90s have made a fast comeback this summer. A must-have summer accessory that many celebrities and young trend-setters are wearing is the famous ‘90s choker. The popular chokers that were used some 20 years ago were your basic elastic-twisted black chokers. However, chokers for the summer of 2016 have come with a fun fashion […]

Fresh Dewy Summer Makeup Look

With summer in full swing, showing off a healthy, bronzed makeup look is the essential way to go. However, the summer’s hundred-degree weather often causes your makeup to look matte and dry—which the last thing anyone would want. After all, you would want your makeup to look fresh with a sun-kissed glow. The solution to […]

Poolside Must-Have

Summer isn’t complete without those days relaxing by the pool and soaking up the sun. A “summer poolside must-have” is what swimsuit one wears along with what inflatable they float on. Two-piece swimsuits have always been in style, but things may have changed this summer. This year’s must-have style features one-piece bikinis and specifically a […]