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Top Ten Worst Movies of 2017

This Writer’s List of the Worst Films to Come out in 2017 There were a lot of movies that came out this year. Some were quite good, others were alright, and then still others were just a mess. This writer was lucky to see a ton of films in 2017, including many that hoped to […]

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‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ Takes this Beloved Snowman on a new Journey

‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ is full of all kinds of Holiday cheer Frozen was a surprise hit for Disney. It made a ton of money, and fans of all ages loved it. Since it came out they have made Frozen Fever, announced Frozen 2, and are turning Frozen into a Broadways musical. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure originally […]

A Big Risk is Taken on Agents of Shield ‘A Life Spent’

This team takes a huge chance on Agents of Shield ‘A Life Spent’ Agents of Shield is a pretty good show. In its previous seasons, this team has been through a lot. They have lost team mates, seen old adversaries return, and been to some crazy places. Yet nothing compares to what they are dealing […]

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The Plot Thickens on Once Upon a Time ‘One Little Tear’

The Story Continues to Unfold on Once Upon a Time ‘One Little Tear’ Once Upon a Time was a surprise hit when it came out. Since then there have been many stories told, and lots of Disney characters have appeared on this show. Some may look familiar, but they are given new twists that make […]

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Barry and Adam Write a Song on ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’

Barry and Adam Pull a Prank on ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’ The Goldbergs is a well made show. It has good characters, plenty of eighties nostalgia, pop culture references and many of the episodes deliver important life lessons. It looks like things are going to heat up this week on ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’. Here is a […]

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Scrooge has a new Quest on ‘The Impossible Summit of Mt Neverrest’

Scrooge takes a huge peak on in ‘The Impossible Summit of Mt Neverrest’ Ducktales was a very good cartoon in the eighties. It had a number of seasons, and all ages still appreciate it to this day. When news of a new show came out, this writer wasn’t sure if it would be good or […]

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The Holidays are Coming to the Pridelands on ‘The Lion Guard’

Christmas is coming to the Pridelands on ‘The Lion Guard’ The Lion King was a big hit for Disney when it came out. It spawned a sequel, a prequel, a Broadway musical and a live action version coming out next year. The Lion Guard takes place in the same universe, after the first film but […]

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Minnie Acts a Little Crazy on ‘The Birthday Song’

Minnie works hard to surprise Mickey on ‘The Birthday Song’ Mickey Mouse is a very well known character. He has starred in hundreds of cartoons, many TV shows, holiday specials, movies and a few video games over the years. Recently, he has been starring in some new cartoons and they are really something special. This […]

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All Kinds of Hijinks Ensue on ‘ The Circle of Driving Again’

Adam learns something important on ‘ The Circle of Driving Again’ The Goldbergs is a great show so far. It is full of eighties nostalgia, and has likable characters and a really good cast. We have seen these characters grow up, mature and go through plenty of life changes. It looks like this week Adam […]

Ido Samuel, star of ‘Dirty Bomb,’ discusses emotional role playing Holocaust prisoner

If you were forced to choose between saving your own life by doing something that would kill thousands or risk being humiliated and executed in public to save them, how would you react? Could you make the right decision? That’s the idea behind the new short film “Dirty Bomb” which begins its run across the […]